February 2020.


Amba terrorists kidnapped aid workers, and the community turned against them, destroyed their camp.

Tanteh Joel Waji is #Ambazonia terrorist “General” in Tubah sub division or Tubah LGA sponsored by Asongwe Thomas Nubong. Joel Waji is from a family that has provided many of the amba terrorists in Bambili. On 31 Jan 2020, Joel Waji sent his SNWL commander (Tamukong Roland) to kidnap WFP workers who came to share food items to the villagers.

Tanteh Joel Waji - Amba Terrorist General. LoL
Tanteh Joel Waji – Amba Terrorist General. LoL

The locals said WHAAAAAT? This nonsense cannot be allowed to continue. So they gathered their cutlasses (Machetes) and “waka Sticks”, led by the traditional authorities, they went out hunting the Amba terrorists who took the WFP workers. The Amba idiots used their 2 brain cells and realised what was coming.. and quickly RELEASED the kidnapped victims. But that was not good enough. In order to teach them a lesson, the local community kwakwarised this house in the pictures..


The house belonged to Waji family. The house was later converted to an Amba terrorist Camp by Tanteh Joel Waji, the Amba SNWL “general” in Tubah Sub-Division. Ofcourse the local population KNEW about the Amba camp and Amba boys were coming and going all along, and the population did not inform the authorities, nor take any action, until the WFP workers were kidnapped on 31 Jan 2020.

So to all the #SNWL who thought kidnapping for ransom was a good idea, I have ONE question.. How market for kidnapping aid workers? iDiots.

Waji Family Residence Kwakwarised
Waji Family Residence Kwakwarised

We at #MKPD have always said.. WE don’t want to see people kidnapped, but we also don’t mind it when Amba SNWL kidnap and torment our people, because .. when the Amba commit atrocities, it ALWAYS ends up INCREASiNG the #BlackLeg community. We have heard Anglophone community make retarded statements like “antanga Nji Boys”, and make excuses for Amba atrocities.. So we are of the realisation that until everyone is touched by Amba, people will not denounce Amba, and until the community itself denounce Amba, this madness will never end. So let the atrocities continue.

Waji Family Residence Kwakwarised
Waji Family Residence Kwakwarised


An #AmbaFool called Asongwe Thomas Nubong retired prisons administrator of Bambili origin but now resides in the US with wife and children, while sponsoring terrorism in Cameroon.

Asongwe Thomas came to Cameroon in 2015 with Amba agenda and some say he bribed his way to the helm of Bambili cultural and development association. He later trained and installed amba terrorist gangs in Bambili. When things got hot, he fled back to US late 2018 with his wife. Now he is said to be the “head” of the “Tubah LGA” under IG of Sako Ikome.

Asongwe Thomas Nubong - AmbaFool
Asongwe Thomas Nubong – AmbaFool

This name Asongwe Thomas has featured in MKPD #OperationSunshine before.. when he contributed $500 to the “mezam County Levy”, to sponsor terrorism in Cameroon.

The Amba boys in Bambili have been responsible for burning down people’s properties, kidnapping for ransoms, etc.. but Asongwe Thomas Nubong’s properties have never been touched, because he controls the terrorists. However, the AmbaBoys have vowed to also start holding the AmbaFools abroad by the kanas, and hold their investments in Cameroon for ransom.

You may be surprised that in the next few days, his properties are kwakwarised as well, because everyone is fed up of the Amba madness. The local population, the authorities, the Amba SNWL themselves are Fed up.


By KumKum Massa

Born and bred in Momo, NW Region of #Cameroon 🇨🇲.. Travelled the world. Victim of Ambazonia terrorism. Ambazonia Terrorism MUST be destroyed by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

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