There is no Country.. Ambazonia falling to rise no more

MKPD> the write-up below was shared in a WhatsApp group by a a staunch Ambazonian called princes Harriet.. Please read and enjoy.. 😂 I predicted the end will be 28 Feb 2019.. We’re seeing the signs now.

There is no country!

Yet, people are being appointed and voted into positions in secrecy left, right and everywhere !

One can clearly tell the mindset of ambazonians!

So, This is all what this struggle was all about to these guys? : *it was always about those exiled in the diaspora seeking Positions and titles!*

And these guys sat down individually and in small groups and planned to rise to power; then used our children as chips on their chess board, as fodder that were sent out to die, so that they and a few others with whom they had been scheming could rise to power and reign !

And we did not know!

We fell for their LIES!

Lies, that they were fighting for a model country where we could all live, in justice, in freedom, with liberties and honesty and TRUTH, and accountability, free of corruption and nepotism, and tribalism and favoritism , etc!

Why did we agree to go to war when they called ? Many people in GZ are now saying they would have preferred to continue living under a LRC and Constance fending for themselves ; than these new horrors that they experience daily !

Now I see that even if this war is won and we get our own country , this country would be worse than ANIMAL FARM!

I have heard these whispers before ; *this one is LGA head for that; or county head for such and such a town in Ambazonian or director or chair of this, or some other ridiculous titles for some meaningless function!*

I always just shake my head and think, these people are SICK in their heads ! Where are you holding all these positions , again? Where is the country????

May God forgive this nation !

In fact the only reason I wish this struggle should now end is so that the suffering people on Gz should experience a little reprieve. Their suffering is too much and many of them now see no end in sight and wonder why we got into this in the first place.

Amba boys harrasss them daily, take bribes at road blocks that are way higher than the bribes the LRC police took , abduct them over and over ( sometimes abducting the same people thrice, attack civil servants , beat them up and claim they are the ones eating the country’s money; seize money and food from poor villagers who had been supporting them, seize peoples’ cars and drive around town with impunity, since civilians can no longer even go out, move into people’s houses that they ambandoned in villages and fled, and when the people come back quietly to take a few suppplies from their homes for survival own survival, they discover that Amba boys are now living in their homes; the Amba boys catch them , beat them up , detain them in their own houses and ask them to call their families for more ransom !

The crooks in the diasporas have successfully raised armed robbers called fighters for a so- called freedom that nobody has a roadmap as to how it shall be acquired ! So, it’s just time to enrich self and consolidate power!

As I said, my only prayer is that this should end quickly so that our vulnerable people can find some sense of normalcy again in their lives ; else I would have wished that things should just stay as the are or maybe go back to where they were ( slaves to LRC) so that all these ambitions power mongers that have demonstrated their greedy cunning, manipulativeness and dishonesty in the diaspora; all these who who are deceiving people with words while planning different things in secrecy should be frustrated!

Can you imagine the confusion the day we get independence?

IG will line up its own people who openly and secretly held positions!
ADF/ AGC will line up its own!
SOCADEF will line up its own!
ROA will line up its own people who are firmly holding positions in their own virtual government ;
SCCOP will do same, then consortium; and MORISC and all other individuals who have held virtual positions in the diaspora will show up!

Can you imagine the scenario ??

May God deliver his people from the mayhem that will ensue !

I wish I never live to see the bloodbath that will erupt because everybody is fighting to maintain the positions that they held in a VIRTUAL WORLD!

# Crymy beloved Ambazonia🙆🏿

Sometimes I believe like Comrade Tambe , that we were truly cursed at creation!

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