The devil Wept – Eric Tataw cries as Ambazonia revolution IMPLODES 30 May 2019

#MKPD> Waanders.. The devil wept. 😂. Come and see Eric “Garri” Tataw, crying, because he has seen that the “Ambazonia experiment” is a #DISASTER! I told you that this nonsense will soon be over, and these Terrorists will NEVER step ONE Toe in Cameroon again – You thought I was joking. Even the Ambazonians can see it CLEALY now..

This nonsense has Imploded. I mean. Even Eric Tataw was saying on the live show (30 May 2019 from Joshua Carr’s profile) that there are now between 3 and 4 SEPARATE Interim Governments. LoL 😂.. This is PURE COMEDY, except it is TRAGIC because people are being killed and properties destroyed.

#MashFire #ComedyRevolution
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KumKum Massa

KumKum Massa

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