Terrorism doesn’t pay. Nkwain Kenneth of Ambazonian Terrorists group called SOCADEF arrested in Yaounde.

This handsome gentleman is called Nkwain Kenneth Ndzi. He has been arrested in Yaounde for being an #Ambazonia spy, working for Ebenezer Akwanga. Nkwain Kenneth went to GBHS #Fundong. He later preceded to Buea university where he did Drama and Theatre Arts.(1998-2002). He thereafter migrated to China. He applied and was recruited into the civil service during the exercise to recruit 25000 workers.

He refused to work and after some time in #Belo as a video and camera stringer, he went back..

He grew up in Yaounde with Prof Nelson Ngoh the History professor. He attended Lycee Bilingue Biyem Assi and later came to GBHS Fundong in High School. It should be noted that another #Ambazonian suspect in Boyo is the Secretary of the Boyo Council, Timnge Ernest. Timnge Ernest who is shuffling between the Middle East and US also lived with Prof Nelson Ngoh as househelp.
More on Ernest later

In these pictures, his face looks like someone who has finally realised that TERRORISM DOESN’T PAY. 99 DAYS FOR THE AMBA, 1 DAY FOR KUMKUM MASSA.

#MashFire πŸ’ͺ🏾 πŸ‡¨πŸ‡² #WinningFatly

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