Tapang Lawsuit Update – Judge Order and What to expect next

MKPD> More hot fire under Tapang Ivo’s frying pan.. The updates.. A Judge has ordered that the names of the Plaintifs in this case be sealed. 

Part 1 above, and part 2 below.. Wuna Listen..

To download the whole judge order, as a PDF Document, click below..  2019-01-28 Order Granting Motion

Plaintiffs Jane Doe and John Doe bring nine counts on behalf of themselves and others similarly situated against defendant Ivo Tanku Tapang for the deaths of their parents, children, and siblings resulting from Tapang’s alleged terrorist activity in Cameroon.

Tapang Ivo in Trouble

Tapang Ivo in Trouble

Plaintiffs seek redress for the defendant’s alleged leadership of a terrorist organization having resulted in the deaths of their loved ones. Dkt. No. 1. Plaintiffs allege that defendant Tapang is a leader of the Ambazonia Defense Forces (“ADF”), a group which plaintiffs state has “engaged in countless acts of terrorism, including killings, kidnappings, torture, and even cutting hands of students that go to school.”


The Court GRANTS the motion to proceed under pseudonym. The plaintiffs may file a proposed protective order using the Northern District’s Model Protective Order, available on the Court’s website, and may file future documents under seal in accordance with that protective order following Civil Local Rule 79-5.




Our Hero is being threatened

Our Hero is being threatened – By a fool in America – This Bar Fly that has nothing to show for himself, he went to America to become a “DJ”.. Can you imagine?? And he thinks he can Threaten successful people like barristers?? And do it publicly? online? iDioooooooooot!

So what to expect next

This is a civil lawsuit, and the trial date is not yet set. The plaintiffs have reqeested jury trial. it could be over one year away. Complaint was filed on 26 Dec 2018, only a month ago.

We are awaiting a Judge Order to serve Tapang. Then he will have about 30 days to file am Answer or Responsive Pleading – Civil lawsuits are a very long process.

Discovery will begin about two months after he is served.  The Lawyer (Nsahlai) will be entitled to submit to him many written questions and he MUST answer. Tapang’s lawyer(s) can do likewise, ask questions to Barrister Nsahlai that MUST be answered.

Then barrister Nsahlai will also get an opportunity to depose Tapang under oath, that is, a question and answer session where his responses are recorded by a court reporter.

Stay tuned – The drama will be worth watching. 

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