Stan Fondom, an AmbaFool targetting innocent people in Cameroon. #OperationSunshine #KBI

Dear AmbaFool by the name of STAN FONDOM. I have taken note of the TERRORIST comment you left on Facebook, targetting someone’s Family you believe to be mine. lol.. If a family can be tracked in Widikum, I’m sure YOURS too can be tracked ANYWHERE in Cameroon. No one is an island. We all have loved ones.. Remmebr what you wish for others can be done to you. The difference is, I have more money, more connections, and I work with the military, and I am like MTN.. Everywhere you go. Since you think you can incite violence towards random people, be prepared to face the MUSIC.

So ask yourself. Do you want to pick this fight with a GHOST? πŸ€”If your Facebook Profile is not deleted by 10 November 2019, then I will know that the war between me and you has begun.

This is the post Stan Made, inciting terror agains some innocent people in Widikum

This is the post Stan Made, inciting terror agains some innocent people in Widikum

As you hunt down someone’s family, I will do the same with yours, and give them free KumKum. Idiot. Let it be known now.. That if ANYTHING should happen to anyone in Widikum, or anyone is attacked, I will hold you personally responsible, since you think you can target people’s families, you better say your prayers for your family members too.. We’ll Kumkumised them all.

PS: To all others reading this, Know that this same Stan Fondom was a failure at PHS Batibo.. Nothing has changed.

He also attended GBHS Tiko. Here, #KBi and #OperationSunshine has already done some home work and we know his Mother and Exactly where she is in Tiko, the wife’s name and Children. We should send him a warning.

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