St. Joseph’s College, Sasse to close because of threats from Amba Terrorists

The Bishop of the Buea Diocese, Mgr Immanuel Bushu, Sunday March 3th 2019 announced that
St. Joseph College, Sasse, is shutting its doors, amid increasing security concerns.

The Bishop said, continuous armed battle between pro-independence fighters and the Cameroon Defence forces in Bwassa, a village close to Sasse, which was intensified over the weekend, puts the security of the students at risk.

He indicated that the over 200 students of the institution will be sent to the Christ the King College, CKC Tiko, where there’s relative security. He affirmed that, the students shall write the GCE in their new location.

As we tried to know why Cameroon’s Oldest College Is Shutting Down, an Administrator of SJC, Sasse explained:

“On Sunday February 24, 2019, at around 1:38PM when students were having their lunch, some masked Amba Terrorists camped behind one of the dormitories of St. Joseph College, Sasse, (St. Kitts Dormitory).

Four of THE TERRORISTS stormed the campus and forced the principal, Fr. Sakwe, to follow them. Thereafter, the men disappeared with the Principal, probably to their base. For four hours or so that the Principal was kept there, the masked men demanded for Sasse College to close down or the school will be a victim of ‘Amba’ wrath”.



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