Sama Thomas > Are we at war? When Amba Boys are throwing parties and busy kidnapping for ransoms?

9 #Bafut 7Kata soldiers captured at a birthday party,

General Cross and Die was killed because he attended a funeral in #Mankon. Are these things that you do during war? When LRC captured these fighter, they collected Millions of Frs from the soldiers, Money they made through kidnapping for ransoms.

When General Cross was killed, he died with tens of millions of Frs buried in the bush. All this money was a result of kidnapping our people for ransoms. All that money will rot in the bush, gone for nothing.

Other soldiers , 6 in mumber were drinking and playing jambo (Gambling), betting over 300,000 frs each on the table. This was money you kidnapped our people and collected Ransoms. LRC military came and killed all 6, and collected over millions from the scene.

You are a Joke. You have forgotten what the cause is all about, now it is all about kidnapping business to enrich yourselves. This is no longer the struggle to liberate our people.

99% of the kidnapping victims are Southern Cameroonians.

The #ADF Kidnapped a University Professor (Prof Tabugang) about three months ago. The ADF collected millions of Frs in ransoms, and after they released him, the amba boys still held his laptops and all his documents. Do you have any use for his documents and his laptops? Some of these amba boys who have never been to primary school. Can you read the works of a university professor?

What do you want to do with the works of a university professor? His material and his documents are like a gold ring. And these uneducated amba boys are like swine. Holding his laptops and his documents is tantamount to putting a gold ring on a pig’s nose. Why are you keeping something that has no use to you.

All these are going to condemn with every fibre of my blood that the actions of amba boys perpetrated against our people is UNACCEPTABLE. I condemn as much as possible, the celebrations of birthday parties that have led to the capture and killing of over 10 fighters in Bafut, Including General A4, GranPa of Awing, Oumarou etc

Unnecessary celebrations has led to the demise of dozens of fighters in Bafut. Infact this is disgraceful. This is not war. Everyone is now trying to enrich themselves through kidnapping and criminality.

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July 9th, 2022 (Live on Facebook)

By Jon HuangHe

Jon is a proud Cameroonian, who has assisted MKPD on this platform since early 2019, by writing and sending for Publishing on via email. In Early 2020, MKPD decided to add him as an author on the Blog, so that he can actively write and publish on the blog. Please leave your feedback below.

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