Prime Minister’s visit to Buea and Limbe, Thur 06 Feb 2020 – In Pictures

Prime Minister HRH Chief Dr. Dion Ngute visit to Buea and Limbe Thur 06 Feb 2020

We have never seen a gathering this huge in Buea. There is no place for people even to stand!!! The Male and other traditional dances are incredible. A woman we met at the Buea Great Soppo market today 06 Feb 2020 told journalists courageously that..

“We are tired of this stupid Lockdown. We don’t even know those who are always doing this wicked thing to us. We want peace. I hear some of those calling for Lockdown are not even living in Cameroon. My neighbor told me they’re in… America, I don’t know the other countries. We are very angry with them because they have caused us to bury our children like rats. We have been waiting for that Independence till today. They lied to us. We are regretting for believing in their lies.. I feel as to cry. How can people who are living with their families abroad, going to school be telling us to stay at home? But I know God will judge them. I want to tell them that we have rejected the lockdown. Enough is enough. I want to thank you journalists for coming to the market to visit us.”

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KumKum Massa

KumKum Massa

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