A Colossal Mistake for President BIYA to Negotiate or Dialogue with Ambazonia

It would be a colossal mistake for President Paul Biya and his Government to negotiate or dialogue with ambazonia, a terrorist organization. It is sacrilege to even think of such a move, for such a move will be anathema to the vast majority of Anglophone Cameroonian Patriots who have borne the brunt of ambazonia savageries. It will be a betrayal, which will surely open a pandora’s box for more opportunistic radical armed terrorist groups to emerge. Terrorists or so-called armed separatists, whatever the stripe, are to be annihilated if they refuse to lay down their arms or drop their guns, just as President Ahmadou Ahidjo (of blessed memory) did with the maquisards. MKPD and MKPD platform stand with the majority of Anglophone Cameroonian Patriots that the Government of Cameroon must not negotiate or dialogue with ambazonia terrorists.

Negotiating with idiotic and good-for-nothing (worthless) terrorists like native doctor Ayaba Cho, Akwanga Ebenezer, Ikome Sako, and others will not work because: FIRST, they have no control over the amba “Shit-No-Wipe-Lass” (“SNWL”) terrorists on so-called ground zero (GZ); and  SECONDLY, the GZ amba “SNWL” terrorists have morphed or metamorphosed into an organized criminal enterprise. They are making so much money (from the hefty ransoms) than promised them by so-called leaders in the diaspora (the emperors have no clothes), for example, “general” Ikeku sent his sister (she was arrested by Cameroon’s Border Service) to go and deposit 160, 000,000 fcfa into his bank account in Nigeria. Thus, the so-called leaders in the diaspora cannot call the tune since they are not those paying the piper (amba “SNWL” GZ terrorists). They have had the wind taken out of their sails, and the evidence is that, statements made by these so-called leaders are belied by the actions by the terrorists on GZ. These so-called leaders in the diaspora who hoodwinked the amba “SNWL” terrorists into taking up arms, over promised and under delivered, and have had their arses kicked. They just go along with crazy ideas and suggestions dreamed up by illiterates and semi-educated amba “SNWL” terrorists in their drug-induced and in a drunken stupor because they lack authority over them.

President Ahmadou Ahidjo (of blessed memory) annihilated the maquisards and vanquished the maquis, a terrorist organization like ambazonia. He did not negotiate or dialogue with maquisards! And by decisively defeating the maquis, President Ahidjo ensured that Cameroon remained one and indivisible under his tutelage or guardianship, and that is the One and Indivisible Cameroon he handed down to President Biya. So far, President Biya has been a safe pair of hands! However, the longer this ambazonia nonsense goes on, the confidence that Anglophone Cameroonian Patriots have in that safe pair of hands will be weathered and eroded. The military response has been quite restrained, and the majority of peace-loving Anglophone Cameroonian Patriots are chagrined. And attending to ambazonia’s unreasonable requests or demands, will project dilly-dallying and weakness. Mr President Biya, do not dilly-dally, just get on with the obliteration of ambazonia, a terrorist group. President Biya, do you want your legacy to be leaving behind a divided Cameroon, which you inherited as one and indivisible OR is it leaving behind a one and indivisible Cameroon as you were handed down by President Ahidjo?

Civilised societies do not negotiate with terrorists. No one negotiated with Osama Bin Laden of Al Qaeda, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of ISIS, Abubakar Shekau of Boko Haram, al-Shabaab in Somalia, etc. Those who are saying that there is no military solution to the ambazonia nonsense, are dead wrong! Sri Lanka is archetypal of military defeat of a terrorist organization akin to ambazonia. Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa was elected as the President of Sri Lanka in 2005. He tried to negotiate (a huge mistake in the first place) with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) that was commonly known as the Tamil Tigers (a terrorist separatist group), but it was a fool’s errand. The aim of this terrorist group was to secure an independent state of Tamil Eelam because they alleged that the Sinhalese people who were in the majority marginalised the Tamils, just like the ambazonia terrorist group is alleging that the majority Francophone Cameroonians are marginalising the Anglophone Cameroonians. From 2006, the Sri Lankan military launched a ferocious and decisive offensive against the Tamil Tigers, vanquishing the LTTE militarily and bringing the entire Sri Lankan territory under government control. President Rajapaksa declared victory over the Tigers on May 16, 2009, and the LTTE admitted defeat on May 17, 2009. The feared leader of LTTE (Mr Prabhakaran) and the entire leadership of LTTE were all neutralized. President Biya, this is what we, the majority of Anglophone Cameroonian Patriots, are yearning for. Native doctor Ayaba Cho, Akwanga Ebenezer, Samuel Ikome Sako, Chris Anus, and others in the diaspora and the terrorists on ground zero (GZ) have, in all probability, committed treasonous and terrorism acts and deserve to be sentenced to death by the Yaoundé Military Tribunal. If Bishop Albert Ndongmo was sentenced to death for aiding the maquis, then what more of these ambazonia terrorists?

President Biya, there are more Anglophone Cameroonians standing with you and your government than are against you and your government as you are battling the scourge of ambazonia terrorism. The BIRs have been phenomenal in doing their duty on GZ. Whilst the indomitable BIRs are doing an awe-inspiring job on GZ, a formidable and indefatigable social media army (“blacklegs”) led by MKPD has reduced the social media activities of pseudo, third rate journalists and terrorist-activists like Eric Tataw, Mark Bareta, etc. to the peripheral parched lands  of social media. As a result of the fact-based activism and investigations by MKPD, the IG has imploded; the diaspora sources of money for the ambazonia terrorists group have dried up (or at least, money comes out now as a dog’s urine in teeny-weeny amounts); many ambazonia terrorists have been deradicalized and brought back to civilization, e.g. Yannick Kawa Kawa, Okha Naseri Clovis, Ateasong Beltus, Joel, and others, are now helping to sensitize and deradicalize other ambazonia terrorists and bringing them into DDR Centres; brainwashed poorly educated ambazonia terrorists and sympathisers and supporters are being re-educated and fed with facts (“and thou shall know the truth and the truth will set you free”); etc. MKPD and MKPD platform, DDR platform, Barrister Nsahlai, Njume Frankline, and many others are private citizens who are sacrificing time, money, material resources, and at great risks to their lives to ensure the Government of Cameroon succeeds in wiping ambazonia terrorist group off the face of Earth as Mr Ahidjo did with the maquis and as Mr Rajapaksa did with the Tamil Tigers.

President Biya, from the aforementioned, negotiating or dialoguing with ambazonia terrorists would be a stab in the back (“Murder in the Cathedral”), a world of betrayal of the majority Anglophone Patriots who have borne the brunt of ambazonia terrorism. Do not negotiate or dialogue with ambazonia terrorist group, for the silent majority will be incensed and you might never regain their goodwill. Act decisively like Mr Ahidjo did for the ONE-AND-INVISIBLE CAMEROON.

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