Pedagological Approach to Amba Boys – An Email sent to 18 February 2019

MKPD> This is an email that was sent to me since February – I have been too busy to release it..

Your platform Will stop this madness in the North West and South West. I assure you. Want to make this suggestion.

Take a pedagogic approach towards the Amba boys. Don’t insult them. The more they are insulted the more they become hardened. They have been deceived by the criminal gang in the diaspora.

These are the once to be insulted. The solution to this problem will come from people like you outside there for equally that’s where the gang is based .

Back at home the level of fear that has been instilled into our people is frightening. How can it be otherwise when they have been disarmed physically ,morally and financial ( they have been rendered poor by the continuous ghost towns, all gun seized from them). I want to assure you that if this platform takes a pedagogic approach towards the Amba boys, within a very short time this madness will be over.


My response..

Well, what can I say? Thanks MKPD for all the advices and effort. We are winning, due to the collective collaboration of THOUSANDS of MKPD around the world.

Thank you.. Together, we will save that Country Cameroon.


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