#OperationSunshine reactivated on AmbaFools contributing money to “Lockdown” and deny our children the right to have Education


These are the people responsible for killing teachers and students, burning schools, and terrorising. So, do you recognise these names? We must hold them responsible for the attrocities committed by Ambazonia Terrorists.


1. Dr Samuel SAKO – $20.00✅
2. Dr. Hariscine ABONGWA –
3. Dr. Kizito ELAD
4. Leo CHEM
5. Robert FONDI -$50.00✅
6. Dr. Louis MBUA
7. Dr. Ekomenzoge METUGE
8. Richard TANGU -$20.00✅
9. Elvis MBAKU- $20.00✅
10. James BRADOCK
11. John EGYAWAN – $10.00✅
12. Blasius Awonsang –
13. Dr. Emmanuel TITA – $50.00✅
14. Dr. Fidelis ATIANJOH – $30.00✅
15. Dr. Thomas NDULA –
16. Prof Martin AYIM
17. Dr. Toyang NGEH –
18. Sylvester ZAMA – $100.00✅
19. Christopher ANU
20. Emma LARRY –
21. Emmanuel OBEN-
22. Ambrose ETENJEH
23. Dr Anderson EBAI- $30.00✅
24. Bar. David NDEH
25. Denis ATEMKENG –
26. Dr. Patience ABIEDU- $30.00✅
27. Rev. Christensia ASONG $20.00✅
28. Francis SHEY (paid)✅
29. Dorothy NGWA – $20.00✅
30. Goddy NTI
31. Daniel TEKOH
32. Micheal AYONG
33. Divine AKERE
34. Peter WOLE
35. Donatus MUMA
36. Divine NGANTCHA
37. Comfort KONFOR
38. Dr. C AISHA
49. Bar. Timothy MBESEAH $20.00✅
40. Peekay MOKUBE
41. Eric ATEH $20✅
42. Walter FONDOH
43. Prof. J. J. ASUNGU-
44. Allen KOHILA-
45. Augustin BABILA
46. Stephen NEBA –
47. Nelly VIEVE
48. Elizabeth TUMA
49. Lucas AMBE
50. Mat ATUGON –
51. Irene NGWA – $20.00✅
52. Joseph AKEMCHE- $50.00✅
53. Johnson TATA
54. George FON –
55. Fike MONONO
56. Sebastien MBARIKU
57. Kennedy EGHAI –
58. Bayongson $50✅

The best thing about this list is that Some of these people embezzled MTTB MONEY, and contributed only $20. Imagine Irene Ngwa 😂 contributed $20. Sako Ikome, thief fake pastor gave $20 😂 ☝🏾.. Chris Anu didn’t even afford $1 to contribute 😂

Anyways, these people are contributing this money, to fund terror gangs in Cameroon. These terrorists intend to stop OUR CHILDREN from schooling..

An example, 👆🏾 is that photo of Vatican travel bus that was shot up by Ambazonia Terrorists on Wednesday 28 Aug 2019, as passengers were queuing up to buy tickets. Luckily, there was no one on board the bus at the time of the attack.

These are just some of the ways they intend to sponsor terrorism in NW and SW region, in order to intimidate people and control them through terror.

Picture above shows an encounter between Ambazonia Terrorists fighting amongst themselves and killing each other, for control of criminal proceeds, such as kidnapping for ransom and extortion.

These Ambazonians sit abroad and happily contribute money to buy guns and send these weapons into our communities, and this 👆🏾 is an example of what those weapons are used for.

The video above, shows me Nsoh Emmanuel who was shot dead by Ambazonia Terrorists as he was travelling from Buea to Kumba. Amba terrorists opened fire on the civilian bus carrying 10 passengers. Me Emmanuel was hit in the neck and died on the scene, as you can see in the video above 👆🏾.. This is the DIRECT results of the money these people contribute abroad, buy weapons and send them to Cameroon. The weapons are used against our very own innocent civilians.

Even though from a relatively well to do family, Eric Ateh never graduated high school and has failed in virtually everything he has done in life: business, marriage, education etc. He is now coordinating a fund-raising to buy guns and kill our people back home in the name of Ambazonia. Eric Ateh, below..

Eric Ateh 👆🏾

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