#OperationSunshine on Tarla Emmanuel, an Ambazonian fool.

OperationSunshine on Tarla Emmanuel, an Ambazonian fool. This is what he wrote to Tapang Ivo 😂..

Mr Tapang I write to you BC I trust your sense of judgement. The amba boys started on so well. They were envied by many and not feared. They were all the people needed and just like an umbrella to shade sunlight and protect rain. As it stands now these guys now terrorise our communities. Many are confused of who to run to because they are sometimes more dangerous than the millitary.

Mr Tapang they no longer have the human heart. They turture our people before killing them. In my village they are used by villagers to settled scores amongs enemies. I remembered two of my unncles one a primary school teacher slaughtered and eyes removed which they refused such act commited by them. The other one an ex millitary murdered after being asked to indicate his grave site..their faullts was they are cpdm millitants. They in their own way had tried to advice these guys.

I remembered the murder of a woman BC she refused the son from operating as an adf in my village. A medical doctor who treats their wounds but yet murdered BC he rents a compound belonging to a cpdm millitant. Well my fear is these guys labeled you any name and kill you latter on.

I remembered a close friend who was on his trip to kumba to sale his phones he purchased from Dubai. He was ridicled all phones seized and money for reasons best known to them.

In as much as I appreciated their good jobs, I have this fear of what nation we shall have with such millitary. That wont protect their people but whoes only punishment for her subjects is executions my heart bleeds for what I have experienced I pray God vendicate us.

MKPD> my input.

This Tarla Emmanuel fool needs to be arrested, and he must explain what the “Good jobs” of amba are 😂 ☝🏾.. He must not be allowed to walk freely in Cameroon, 🇨🇲 while advocating for terrorists to kill our valiant forces? I hope this makes the gendarmes angry, because they need to be angry when they arrest this NKunyam. If he wishes, Let him carry his own dane gun and go to the Bush. iDiot.


Tarla Emmanuel - Is an Ambazonia Terrorist Supporter

Tarla Emmanuel – Is an Ambazonia Terrorist Supporter

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