#OperationSunshine on Njuh Lewis. He is Ambazonian that is STILL collecting a salary from #Cameroon GOVERNMENT as a teacher.

Here is the evidence.. His name is Njuh Louis, from Wum. He is a teacher, a graduate from ENS Annex Bambili.

He is hiding in Douala, collecting a salary every month from the Cameroon government, but he’s also a STRONG AMBAZONIAN.

This is Africa, sunshine is free. We have shone sunshine into his activities, with evidence. He must be picked up by security forces and intoregated, maybe he’s even sponsoring Amba terrorists.

Njuh Lewis MUST explain what he means when he said to Ayaba Cho that.. “we all have a common enemy. Infighting will take us nowhere”.. Mr Lewis.. Please start explaining.. WHO IS THE ENEMY? 🤔 👆🏾

😂 #OperationSunshine



His matricule number is 760846-M. This fool calls the Cameroon government the enemy, but collects our money. Na witchcraft? 🤔

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KumKum Massa

KumKum Massa

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