#OperationSunshine on Ngu Paul – a Dangerous #Ambazonia Drug lord and Mob Boss in Douala.

#OperationSunshine on a big AMBAZONIA sponsor and kidnap kingpin. He is called Ngu Paul Alias Paolo. He is from Chomba village in NW Region.. He is married to Tunga Therese also from the NW Region. They have 2 children together, a daughter of about 6 years old and a son of about 2 years old.

He is based in Bonaberi, Douala precisely in the Nguele quarter in Rail, Bonaberi. His house is located in the street directly opposite the Nguele council in Rail, Bonaberi, Douala.

He owns a Bar directly opposite Kwasa Kwasa snack bar, Bonaberi. The name of the bar AKE na AKE. His wife also has shops along the same street where the bar is situated. The shops deal in clothing, cosmetics, salon and a barber’s shop. He uses the bar and shops to cover his illegal activities and his connection to the Ambazonia Terrorism.

Ngu Paul runs the biggest illegal drug network in Bonaberi, Douala selling from marijuana to cocaine imported from Nigeria. He is an AMBA sponsor and kidnap kingpin. He houses the AMBA boys in a compound opposite the house he is building in the Nguela quarter in Bonaberi.

He feeds them, treats their wounded, clothes them, give them drugs, sponsor their movements in and out of Douala, gives them information and most importantly, he sends money every month for AMBA groups to buy guns/bullets and for their upkeep in the forest. His marijuana comes from the NW region and is been sent to him by the same AMBA boys.

Most of the Amba Boys who have run from NW Region are under his keeping in that compound opposite the house he is building in the Nguele quarter there in Rail, Bonaberi.

He is well known by all the police authorities in the Bonaberi area and even at the judicial police in Bonanjo. He sleeps in hotels around Bonaberi and never in his house. He only goes home during the day to prepare the drugs for distribution. During the day, he is always around the bar and shop areas.

His wife drives a red Totoya Runs (Allex), he drives a white Toyata car and also owns an Audi Q6 Jeep (Ash colour).

His phone number is : 670179235

His wife’s number is : 677261360

His facebook page is :

His wife’s facebook page is :

You can get their photos from the facebook pages. Ngu Paul is an ex-convict of the New Bell prison in Douala. There is this popular police office in Douala called Mifiri. He once arrested that Paul guy and when the matter reached the judicial police in Bonanjo, he bought his way out.

There are CORRUPT Police and Gendarmes all over Douala who are PAID by Ngu Paul. That is why he has not been arrested, even though everyone knows that this man is a MOB BOSS in Douala, nthing is done because there are corrupt police that benefit from this illegal activities.

So, any links with the police officers in Douala, Paul will be tipped off and he will vanish. If you need a localization plan to his house and the compound he is keeping the boys, let me know and my boys on the group will make it happen. Even same for the bar and shops. If you need any other information, please, let me know. My kumkum Beurau of Investigation (#KBi) are always ready to get any information which can help end this AMBA madness.


The wife of Ngu Paul

The wife of Ngu Paul

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