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Operation Sunshine on HELENE ANCHI AKONJI – One of the Criminals of “Ambazonia” 419 SCAM called the Interim Government

#MKPD> #OperationSunshine is going strong.
This is HELENE Anchi AKONJI – The woman who ACCEPTED for HER NAME and Address to be used to create the NGO (SCAM) called Ambazonia. Foundation.
Helene A. Akonji

Helene Anchi Akonji

She is a serious CRIMINAL, Has been to court more times than a judge, and SACKD from several jobs – No wonder she would be mixed up with FAKE PASTORS and 419 crooks like Sako, Chris Anu, Tabenyang, etc.
Below is evidence of when Helene Akonji took some innocent man to court for sexual harassment. If you don't believe me, Google it for yourself.
#OperationSunshine will reveal ALL.
Helene Akonji - Sexual Harassment 1

Helene Akonji – Sexual Harassment 1

These people are thieves..

Birds of a Feather, flock together.. #Operation Sunshine will be revealing intimate details about these CROOKS, and you will clearly see why they banded together to SCAM people, they are ALL Criminals and Crooks..
Helene Akonji - Sexual Harassment 2

Helene Akonji – Sexual Harassment 2

For more info about this Sexual harassment case, above,  visit this link.. 

The details above shows you the Kind of woman she is.. She was SACKED from work for being Tardy, and suspicions of her stealing from work. She then files a lawsuit for sexual harassment against her employer, and the case was dismissed, because this woman is a CROOK, and there was NO sexual harassment.

She is unprofessional, Always LATE for work, infact.. visit the link and read for yourselves.. 

Amba IG incorporation page 1

Amba IG incorporation page 1

Helen Akonji

Helen Akonji


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