Anglophone Crisis – An Open letter to the international community

Mr. Secretary-General of the United Nations,
Dear members of the United Nations Security Council,
Mr. President of the United States,
Mr. President of the Republic of France,
Mr. Prime Minister of Great Britain,
Mr. President of the People’s Republic of China,
Mr. President of the Russian Federation,
Madam Secretary General of La Francophonie,
Madam Secretary General of the Commonwealth,
President of the Facebook Republic of Ambazonia Number 1
President of Njangi House Republic of Ambazonia (Prison, Yaounde)
President Paul Biya, LRC

Allow me, first of all, to introduce myself. KumKum Massa is my name. I was born and bred in Cameroon. But since then, I have conquered ALL Ambazonia on Social Media Facebook Republic, and become KING of all Black Legs. I led the counter revolution on Social Media, and I do DECLARE, Hear yee Hear Yee..

Ambazonians are the DULLEST terrorists EVER!

Your sincerely,
His Royal Highness, The supreme leader, KING, and Marshal of KumKum Land, aka Kingdom of Black Legs, (Formerly known as Facebook Republic of Ambazonia)

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KumKum Massa

KumKum Massa

I, KumKum Massa is a proud Cameroonian, born and bred in NW Region of Cameroon, although I have spent the last two decades travelling the world, from Asia (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain), South America, North America (USA and Canada) as well as several countries in Africa, Europe and the Caribbean.

I have varied interests from sports to music, food, and culture, but one thing is for certain.. I love Cameroon, and I Love Cameroonians.