The seven pillars of the land in Oku. The Kwifon denounce Ambazonia Terrorists

#MKPD Sweet news from #Oku

Spoken in the oku language and summarised in English.

The seven pillars of the land. In a strong worded message to all oku sons and daughters, the voice of the land is clear: The Oku Kwifon breaks the silence. Enough is enough!

The Kwifon talked about AmbaBoys as a strange phenomenon that knows no right nor left. He continued..

“Who are these remnants that defy all? Today (Ngokse) I am out!

The government(balack) spoke, you defied! The fon spoke, you defied! Now, I kwifon of oku, speak! You, renegade defiant youths can’t fill the palm of my hand! Any Oku man/woman who locks his/her door in respect to the call for “ghost town” or whatever you call it, let it be known that today, today I distance myself from it.

Any defiance to this solemn message is a direct attack on the heritage of the land and I will have no other option than to do the worse to bring back Oku to its roots.

If you have heard the message, let your shouting fill the air until it gets to the trouble makers!!”

This is the messsge from the kwifon (Ngumba) of Oku denouncing #Ambazonia Terrorism, 30 Jan 2020.

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