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Mbengwi. The latest #ambazonia Terrorist beheading. His name was Seta Kevin.

His name was Seta Kevin. He was a military Nurse, working with the Rapid Intervention Batalion, (BIR). He was kidnapped by Ambazonia Terrorists in Mbengwi on 21 Dec 2019, and yesterday 23 Dec 2019, Seta Kevin was beheaded in Mbengwi. May his soul rest in peace., and may his murderers be kumkumised as soon as possible.

Despite all this Evidence, America, and other countries continue to harbour these terrorists that incite violence in Cameroon. The USA, UK, South Africa, Belgium, France, Norway, all protect the people responsible for this Atrocity. 

Seta Kevin - Victim of Ambazonia Terrorism

Seta Kevin – Victim of Ambazonia Terrorism


1 ère classe SETA MBAHNAM..Kidnappé vers NCHOBO puis conduit à MBENGWI avant d’être assassiné ce Samedi 21 /12/2019..


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