Maurice Kamto, the Leader of MRC political Party in Cameroon destroys Ambazonia dreams.

The Brigard Anti-Sardinards (BAS) are advocating for Professor Maurice Kamto to be released from prison and made president of Cameroon.

So even if Kamto was president today, he will have the same position as President Biya, that Cameroon remains ONE and indivisible. Separation is non-negotiable, thereby TOTALLY killing the dream of an independent “Ambazonia”.

Secession is not an option, and it will never be an option as far as I am concerned.
— Maurice Kamto - 2018

This is why it is so laughable to see Ambazonians, (Eric Tataw) trying to join forces with the Brigard Anti-Sardinards (BAS). By joining BAS, Ambazonians have literally accepted defeat, and now ready to accept ONE and indivisible Cameroon, as long as President Biya is defeated.

If that is the case, then they should just come forward and say that they have no fight for independence, that they simple wish to get rid of the Biya regime.


Click on the Link below to watch the Video clip for yourselves. 


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