Maurice Fai is a palm wine taper and supplier who use to call himself (pastor) when my cousin was kidnapped by ambazonia terrorists, it was Maurice Fai the terrorist and one Pa called Boh Kungwia who “judged” my cousin at Mesi, with Lambi, for being the son of the Fon of Nso and for having an uncle who was a military man.

I can call the victims of his atrocities to testify and tell him straight infront of him, if he tries to deny working with ambazonia terrorists to extort money and murder people.

This Fai has dealt with people. Now that he was arrested on 05 Jan 2022 after we sunshined him, Let him provide Lambi his friend.

There is nothing about him I don’t know. I speak as a victim. I don’t know how to write for long because his crimes are too much. Please give my number Let them call me if they are doubting or if they want to hear more. This Fai should be kumkumised or imprisoned for life.

They were the ones with late terrorist general Trouble who shot one police woman on the arm.

Other ambazonia terrorists from Bamunka Ndop include Gumoh Mitterrand, brother of Chinyi Etienne. Chinyi Etienne is also an amba terrorist.

Chinyi Etienne an amba terrorist in Bamunka ndop who calls himself commander machine the junior brother of Miteran who is also an amba commander in ndop and walks around with terrorist general land. He owns about 4 okadas in Bamunka ndop.

General sparrow of oku, second in command under bush Rambo in oku at the moment. Sparrow is the junior brother of Divine an amba terrorist too. They are all from bamunka ndop presicely from Bukew quarter in ndop.Divine and sparrow were arrested in ndop in 2019 by Terrorist General Mallam for plotting to eliminate him. Even bush Rambo finally arrested Mallam and late thunder

This thief from bamunka ndop and the son of the Fon of bamunka njoya. He calls his name commander fire and he is the one disturbing now in ndop.He and his family leaves in Bukew. His junior brother increase is a radio repairer while their sineor brother njoya ndang is a fighter too. This thief was working with the sonel in ndop before the crisis. I have everything about him except for his telephone number.

Gumoh Mitterrand. An amba terrorist in Bamunka ndop and the sineor brother of chinyi Etienne. This terrorist relocated the wife and children to Douala and has been feeding them with money gotten from kidnapping. Miterran is a very good friend of terrorist traditional land Marcel.

By KumKum Massa

Born and bred in Momo, NW Region of #Cameroon 🇨🇲.. Travelled the world. Victim of Ambazonia terrorism. Ambazonia Terrorism MUST be destroyed by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

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