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Latest Beheading in Bamenda – Mobile Nkwen – 21 May 2019

This is shocking.. Here are the pictures.. Stay tuned for the latest info, coming soon.

Vondou Olivier is the Victim's name

Vondou Olivier is the Victim’s name

MKPD> This is the latest Amba Terrorist beheading. The victim’s name is Vondou Olivier, his head was dropped at Mobile Nkwen, today 21 May 2019. That is all the info we know for now.. Stay Tuned..

The victim was a teacher at Government Bilingual High school (GBHS) Nitop Bamenda. And yes, there is no doubt that he was murdered, beheaded brutally by Amba Terrorists today 21st May 2019.

It is VERY CLEAR that these AmbaBoys ARE TERRORISTS, and there is absolutely NO FIGHT for independence. This is Terror!

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  1. aliou salam
    28th May 2020 at 6:44 pm — Reply

    Until the last ambaz is cleared, let’s keep the information up. Please I need more information to write a report on every thing ambaz does, directly to Ms. Karen Bass and Mr. Cohen. Thanks. Date, time if any, city if any, village and region. I need the names of the shnwl operating in those areas, if known. The name of relatives and place of work if any. All affiliations to ambaz, religious, village groups and associations if any. Keep up the good work.

    Since you started shedding light on these terrorists, the tune has changed in American circles of power.

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