Kawa Yannick (Ambazonia ex-combatant) sends another lightening bolt message to #Ambazonia

Kawa Yannick is an ex-Combatant, from Manyu division, Mamfe Central, SW Region Cameroon – He is here to expose the LIES of Ambazonia.

First of all, Kawa dispels the Amba LIES that he was killed by Cameroon military. Kawa then goes on to give sound advice to the Amba boys still in the forest dying for Amba Lies.

Kawa says this Amba Nonsense is about to end, and he is 100% right. Kawa comments at the rate at which Amba Boys are being killed, the lack of support for Amba from the international community, etc..
Towards the end of the video broadcast, Kawa says..

Kawa Yannick ends by saying..
I Thank Kontri Pipo
Thank my father, Mr Genesys
Thank Mr Gelam
Thank Frankline Njume
Thank Mike Braltar
Thank ma mami in the US for the encouragement

WhatsApp:: +44 749 5198 739

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