🤣 #ComedyTerrorism 🤣.. We’re not the ones destroying the nonsense now.. 😂 All we do is cause confusion amongst the nkunyams 🤣 and they destroy themselves 😂… Because the Ambazonia Terrorism was built on lies and propaganda and misinformation and personal selfish interests to start off with, that’s why they are crumbling under their own weight.. 😂 BlackLegs.. Wuna take one coool beer 🍻 #MKPD 🇨🇲 💪🏾

By KumKum Massa

Born and bred in Momo, NW Region of #Cameroon 🇨🇲.. Travelled the world. Victim of Ambazonia terrorism. Ambazonia Terrorism MUST be destroyed by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

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