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Amba boys in Kumba get backlash after they killed Okada rider Itoe Junior on Friday 12 July 2019


A young man, an Okada rider in Kumba was gunned down in Kumba on Friday 12 July 2019. His name was Itoe Junior aka Fashion.

Amba Terrorist tried to seize his Okada, he refused to give it, and he was shot dead on the scene. He was a handsome, young and ambitious youth, well known and well loved by the people in Kumba.

As a result of his murder, all the Okada riders came out onto the streets on Saturday 13 July chanting NO MORE GHOST TOWNS. The Youths in Kumba have declared that Amba boys are just a virus amongst them, killing them off one by one.

This is not the first time that Fashion suffered in the hands of Amba terrorists. Amba boys took his first bike just a few months ago and held it for two weeks. Fashion only got back the bike after paying an extortion sum of 100,000 frs to these Ambazonia Criminals.

So on Friday 12 July, when the Amba boys tried to take his bike, this time, he said HELL NO! The demons killed him on the spot, in front of a passenger around Mami Water junction Fiango Kumba.

The Okada boys have declared that from Idenau, Mbonge, Buea, Kumba, Mamfe, Eyumojock, Let all Okada men to to the streets on Monday 15 July 2019 and show solidarity for Itoe Junior, and no one should respect ghost towns from Monday.

Funeral program for Junior aka Fashion is being organised by the Okada boys in Kumba. The fneral procession is set for Monday 15 Jul 2019 to coincide with the Monday Ghost towns – Where the Okada men have declared that no more Ghost towns.

His remains will be removed from the Kumba district hospital mortuary – Monday 15 July 2019, at 9am prompt. The corpse will be taken by bike riders aka okada boys to Weme village – Konye sud division.

The peace patriots of the SW Region invite every peace-loving citizen of Cameroon to join them to pay last respects to Fashion.

MKPD – WhatsApp: +447495198739

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