AmbazoniaDeath and Destruction

His name was Ichata Vanderama, 21 years old, the first son in a family of three – He joined Amba, and now he is DEAD

His name was Ichata Vanderama, 21 years old, the first son in a family of three. The parents were struggling farmers. We can’t confirm the real names of his father and mother but all they wanted was for him to have a real life.

His parents sent him to driving school after his primary school education because they didn’t have money to further his education. When he got a B license, all they wanted was for him to drive a taxi rather than be a farmer but I guess things didn’t turn out well when all of a sudden, a dangerous group emerged in Ekona and started recruiting young boys in the name of Amba.

These Ambazonians told LIES and deceived the young ones that it was for a good cause. I guess this Befang family will mourn the loss of their hope, someone whom they wanted to become something better than a poor farmer. Instead, Ambazonia came and turned their beloved son into a corpse.. To make matters worse, Ichata Vanderama died like a homeless dog, and will probably have an unceremonious burial, in a shallow grave somewhere.


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