AmbaBoysDeath and Destruction

GRAPHIC VIDEOS > Amba Casualties in Ekona after Military attack – 09 June 2019 – Click here to watch

MKPD – Wuna Listen.. This happened in Ekona SW Region of Cameroon – This weekend, 08/09 June 2019.

My Commentary below.. Of the situation with Amba boys in the Videos above.. When will Amba boys learn? 😡

Listen below – The Ambaboys will explain their SUFFERING. 🤦🏾‍♂️

So where did the Money for National AK Campaign.. Where is the money? They have bought 4AK? lol. 4 AK to take down the WHOLE of the Cameroon Military? You people are NOT serious. Ambazonians are CLOWNS.

I am responsible

I am very much responsible for these CRIMINALS in the diaspora not being able to raise money. OperationSunshine, and sensitisation is showing them PEPPER.. Now they cannot raise money, and the infighting has intensified. 

We are winning FATLY. Soon there will be peace in NoSo. Terrorism MUSt be defeated.

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