The Latest ambazonia terrorist atrocity. Fouaboh Philemon Kidnapped and his fate is unkown. Video below

The Latest ambazonia terrorist atrocity. Fouaboh Philemon. Kidnapped on Monday 06 Jan 2020, and the video surfaced on 09 Jan 2020 on WhatsApp. His fate is unkown. He was born  03/06/1995, making him only 24 years old. Please.. See the video below. Viewer discretion is advised.

Below is what we can ascertain at the moment. More details will surface in the near future..

Unconfirmed report from the ocntact that sent MKPD the video says that according to his girlfriend who received the video before transferring it to them, Philomon left for Bamenda on Tuesday morning to sign documents and had to return.
Unfortunately, until yesterday Wednesday 08 Jan 2020, he did not return and his number was not going through.
Curiously, she received this video and it is not known exactly what has happened to him.

The Latest Ambazonia Terrorist Atrocity - Fouaboh Jan 2020

The Latest Ambazonia Terrorist Atrocity – Fouaboh Jan 2020

This is just the latest ambazonia Kidnapping and acts of terror, please see below for more examples of ambazonia terrorism.

Above and below are two videos of the Beheading of Ayafor Florence in Pinyin, by Ambazonia Terrorists.

Above is the beheading in December 2018

Above is the Video of Ambazonia Terrorists in Guzang Batibo, Burrying a Woman ALIVE.. She is not the only one that was burried alive. In Kosala Kumba, a young woman by the name Diane was also burried alive by ambazonia Terrorists

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