Envol Cameroun – Live with MKPD 08 Apr 19

MKPD> yesterday Sunday 08 Apr 2019, I was minding my business, and someone sent me a link to this Facebook live broadcast..

It was interesting.. So I decided to stay share my own opinions on issues. The host accepted, and boom..we had 50 minutes live on Facebook.. Wuna listen..

Click on the link about to watch the YouTube video..

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KumKum Massa

KumKum Massa

I, KumKum Massa is a proud Cameroonian, born and bred in NW Region of Cameroon, although I have spent the last two decades travelling the world, from Asia (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain), South America, North America (USA and Canada) as well as several countries in Africa, Europe and the Caribbean.

I have varied interests from sports to music, food, and culture, but one thing is for certain.. I love Cameroon, and I Love Cameroonians.