Diane Efon was a beautiful girl, burried alive in Kossala Kumba, 18 Nov 2019, exhumed 2 days later

Diane Efon was a beautiful ambitious girl, who was burried alive in Kossala Kumba, on 18 Nov 2019. She was exhumed today 20 Nov 2019 by the Cameroon Military. 

See the horrible photos above..

The girl who was burried alive in #Kossala #Kumba 2 days ago, has been exhumed by the Cameroon 🇨🇲 military.

The military worked with locals to capture one of the Amba Terrorists, and after the military served him some delicious free KumKum with eru, the AmbaBoy felt decided to repay the military by showing them the spot where they burried the poor girl.

I have seen pictures of the body of that poor innocent girl, lying down after she was exhumed. Diane Efon. Rest in peace, while we’ll continue to hunt down your murderers.


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