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Dangerous Ambazonia terrorist injured in the right leg, receiving medical attention in NW Region hospital

Below is the message that the amba terrorists sent with the picture..

Good morning comrades. Below is the picture of one of our fighters that was wounded some months ago. Willy and Manyu County assisted in get the available money to send him to hospital XXX in the Northern zone. He has been there for about two months now. He is doing well and strong in spirit. He is pleading for help to well wishers. He is stable and has been discharged home. But he is hold up in the hospital because he still has medical bill of 370000 frs to settle the hospital. Presently he is sleeping at the corridors of the hospital which is dangerous given the wounds he has. He is coming to you this morning through me begging for Mercy. What ever touches your heart please help. You can contact the administrators of this forum with any little token to support him. Thanks sessekou TT👇👇👇👇

These are the same Amba terrorists that burnt down 🔥 a hospital in Kumba, with patients inside.. And the same fools are using CAMEROON 🇨🇲 medical FACILITIES?

Hell no. Let this fool go and die in the Bush where he belongs.. Get him! 😂 #ComedyRevolution

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