Enow Cyrac

Enow Cyrac
Enow Cyrac

Enow Cyrac Eben, born 11 Oct 2002, (17 Years old). He officially left Amba on 18 Sep 2019, after underground de-radicalisation work done by MKPD>.

Enow Cyrac Eben is Bayangi, but he was born in Mbengwi, Momo, NW Region of Cameroon.

Enow Cyrac is an orphan. He has never met his father. His mother went to Gabon to hustle and died there. He was all alone.

He Joined Amba because he was angry, and he was idle, and frustrated. He went and asked to join the ADF camp at Alabukam. He was not forced to join Amba.

Cyrac enjoys playing football. He wants to be a professional footballer.

He confessed to have taken part in beheading a civilian “black leg” and buried the body. They took the human head and dropped it in public view at Hospital roundabout, Bamenda, and buried the torso in the bush. He still believes in Odeshi.

Enow Cyrac acknowledges that he was misguided, e was wrong, and he did not know what he was doing. He has apologised to all Cameroonians, and he is asking for forgiveness.

How will your donations be spent?

Your kind contributions and donations will go towards two projects.

  1. Enow Cyrac’s personal needs> Such as accommodation, feeding, education, and healthcare.
  2. De-radicalisation & Sensitisation>. Enow wishes to assist MKPD in his own little way, to be the face and the voice to all the other Ambazonia fighters still in the forests. Enow Cyrac wants to use this opportunity of a second chance to help other AmbaBoys and ex-combatants. Enow wants to be a positive example to his peers.

Enow is still a minor. He will not be 18 until 11 Oct 2020. In the meantime, he requires a legal guardian to look after his welfare. He will not be managing any money/contributions himself. MKPD will be accountable for any donations. Enow Cyrac has promised to provide regular progress reports that will be available to the general public.

Kindly donate anything you have. Every little helps!

Cyrac – The rescue

The process of deradicalizing just ONE Ambazonia fighter is long and challenging, and from my experiences, less than 10% chance of success. The AmbaBoys are PETRIFIED of the Cameroon Military, because of the barbarism they have witnessed, and the propaganda they have been fed through social media manipulation.

The Amba Boys are made to believe that an encounter with the Cameroon forces of law and order is a Life/death situation, REGARDLESS the circumstances. So, they are scared, and many do not even entertain the idea of handing over their weapons to the state authorities. They are fed LIES that the military would kill them on sight. These are PURE lies as proven by Kawa Yannich, Ekoko Emmanuel, and Awaghang Leo, and now Cyrac, all ex-combatants.

Enow Cyrac - 19/09/2019
Enow Cyrac – 19/09/2019

Another challenge is the fact that many Amba Fighters do not have ID Cards. They were convinced to destroy their ID Cards in 2018, as a way of rebelling against the state authorities. That was obviously a stupid thing to do, because sooner or later, they themselves needed to travel around, and needed their ID cards.

Cyrac contacted MKPD and indicated that he was ready to leave the camp. But there was a major problem. Cyrac had no clothes. He was homeless. The ONLY ID card he possessed was an “Ambazonia ARL ID card” made by the terrorist gang belonging to Ayaba Cho Lucas.

So MKPD sent him some cash to make a declaration of “Lost Documents” and also just enough to pay his transport out of Bamenda. All fingers were crossed. We did not believe that he would come. On several occasions, Amba Boys have taken money in such circumstances, and disappeared.

To our greatest surprise, Cyrac arrived Yaounde as promised. He called, and we asked him to sit tight, someone would come and collect him. He waited. That was his first time in the Francophone zone. He knew nobody and did not understand any French. He was shabby, still looking rough. We were afraid he may be mistaken for a thief and could be arrested or driven out of the travel agency.

When a Kontri Pipo picked him up, he was given a shower, food, and did some shopping, shoes, clothes, etc. We booked him a hotel 10,000 frs a night, paid for 7 nights, made a few interview videos with him, and the next day, took him to have breakfast, made a few more videos, and left him on his own in his hotel, and went out on mission to rescue another group of Amba Boys that were stranded in Bamenda.

And here we are. Cyrac is an Orphan. He has no one, and nowhere to go. Now we kontri pipo have no choice but to adopt Cyrac.

We need your help with Cyrac, and many more like him such as Abangan Alain Awan, who want to leave the bush, but are too scared, confused, or uninformed. They need our help. People like Cyrac, are VICTIMS of the Ambazonia SCAM. These young men, those that can be reformed and re-integrated, need us to CARE about them, because we must be our brother’s keepers.


Awangan Alain Awan

He too joined Amba at the age of 15. Please donate so that we can disarm more of these boys and save their lives, and send them back to School. Just imagine, if this was your son, your cousin, your loved one? What would you do?