It is mandatory for all international travellers in Cameroon to conduct COVID19 testing before departing Cameroon. This is mandated by the Cameroon Ministry of Health. Your COVID19 test will be checked at the Airport before you check-in.

LFT Antigene Test result
LFT Antigene Test result

If you do not have the Test certificate, you WILL miss your flight, loose hundreds of thousands of FRS CFA.

Make sure you arrive the Airport (Douala or Yaounde) at least 2 hours before your scheduled departure time. You will be stopped and controlled by the ministry of forestry and agriculture, if you are carrying some food stuff, you will pay taxes of about 5,000 Frs CFA.

Covid Test in Cameroon - Poster at the test center
Covid Test in Cameroon – Poster at the test center

Then next, you will go to the COVID desk, and show them your Negative COVID test certificate. They will check it with the computerised system and give you a handwritten note that is stamped at the COVID desk. This note authenticates your Negative COVID Test certificate. You will need this note to check in, and to proceed through security, so keep the note.

Where can you do the test?

Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex (Palais Polyvalent des Sports de Yaoundé) for all international travellers.

For those of you who do not know where to find it, Catch a Taxi, say Depot, Palais de Sports, (3,000 Frs), and the taxi driver will take you there. Walk through the Black Gates at the bottom end of the Sports complex, and you will see some quite old canopy tents. That is where you will get it done.

Ask about the COVID 19 Test, and take it from there.

Palais Polyvalent des Sports de Yaoundé
Palais Polyvalent des Sports de Yaoundé

What time should I go there?

For PCR tests, Conduct the test around 60 Hours before your flight. On the day of the test, make sure you arrive between 6:30AM and 12 noon. If you arrive after 12 noon, the staff might have left, and you will not be attended to. They are opened, 7 days a week. If you arrive at 6:30AM, you will be done by 10AM.

Pregnant women may be considered and put at the front of the queue – But it is NOT a right, it is a consideration at the discretion of the staff at the center.

I was told to expect the test result within 48 hours… I conducted my test at 08:30 AM, and I was told to expect the result by 20:00 the next day.

What do you need to bring?

You MUST bring your Passport OR Cameroon National ID Card.

You MUST also bring a Face mask.

You MUST also have an Orange number (To receive Text alerts about your test result). MTN, CamTel, Nexttel do not provide the service.

You will be asked about your COVID vaccination status, if you have received One, two, three or zero doses of the vaccine, and which type of vaccine you were given.

How much does it cost?

0 Frs CFA. There is no charge to do both PCR and Antigene LFT tests. Enter your passport number, and your Patient Number..

Patient Code or patient Number generated by the Computer - MKPD
Patient Code or patient Number generated by the Computer – MKPD

Antigene RAPID LFT test

I was able to fly on both AirFrance and Turkish with just the LFT antigene test certificate. This one takes just 10 minutes to do, and you get the test certificate online within 10 minutes..

This is the tent for LFT Rapid antigene test
This is the tent for LFT Rapid antigene test

You must arrive at the center before 11Am for the LFT Antigene test, and go directly to the tent for LFT Antigene test. Before you arrive the center, you should go to on google chrome browser, and register yourself, then on the website menu, select “Request a Test”.

The computer system will generate a unique reference code for you. When you get to the LFT antigene test, they will require this code.  They will take a swap, do the rapid antigene test while you wait, and upload the result within 10 minutes, and you will be able to download the results from the website

Just go to the website menu, and select “Test Results” and you will download your test result in PDF format, The test result has a QR code that will be authenticated at the airport before you are allowed to check in.

Antigene (LFT) Test - Palaise de Sport - Yaounde info
Antigene (LFT) Test – Palaise de Sport – Yaounde info
Info on Covid Test in Cameroon
Info on Covid Test in Cameroon
Info on Covid Test in Cameroon
Info on Covid Test in Cameroon
Before leaving Cameroon, enjoy
Before leaving Cameroon, enjoy

I hope this information helps.. For the Critics, know that i am NOT a journalist, I am just sharing info that I think may help someone. If you like it, share it. If you don’t like it, SHARE IT. It may help someone. It is FREE. You are not paying me to read this.

Make sure you also enjoy Cameroon as much as I do.

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