ComedyRevolution of the Hypocrites, by the Hypocrites, and for the ambafools ACT I. SCENE II.

What sorrow awaits these dishonest or unscrupulous ambafools (scoundrels), despicable ambafools: Native doctor (NaDr.) Ayaba Cho, Pizzaboy Tapang Ivo, and Akwanga Ebenezer (“Mbunga” man).

Amba “Shit-No-Wipe-Lass terrorists”, you need to recognize the worthlessness of your terrorism adventure now, before you are robbed of your freedom (life imprisonment), or “kumkumized”. Do not prefer lies and illusions from scoundrels. It is much better to face reality than to live a lie. Drop you guns and go to the DDR Centres, and by doing so, you will save your life. If you despise what MKPD platform tells you, but trust instead in lies, calamity (death) will come upon you suddenly, you will be smashed like a piece of pottery by the BIRs.

Native doctor (NaDr.) Ayaba Cho This is a scoundrel, whose real motive for being one of the chief terrorists of ambazonia terrorism is to make money. His concealed motive became black and white when he took a big leather bag and travelled to London (England) from Norway to single-handedly SELL OIL or PETROLEUM, oil in ambazonian soil, and ambazonia which he doesn’t control even an inch of. He did not even consult members of his AGovC. Nay, an individual selling a natural resource of a country and pocketing the money! Unfortunately for him, oil is not a commodity you could pick off a shelf, put in your leather bag, and go and sell. If he succeeded, he would have abandoned the so-called amabzonia struggle or ambazonia terrorism as soon as the money was in his big leather bag. Imagine what he is capable of if ever there is an ambazonia state. He has raised money for his own use via Nchang Shoes Boys, selling of Amba Pins (or penises?), and currently, he is using another scam to raise money for his own use.

Native dr Ayaba 

Ayaba Cho is a university dropout and a disreputable or undesirable person who turned to terrorism because he was not successful in education. He started using the title “Dr” around 2013, yet he does not even have a first degree (BSc or BA). He is a savage that has graduated to barbarity, ambazonia terrorist-in-chief. The question I have for you poorly educated and brainwashed Shit-No-Wipe-Lass (SNWL) terrorists is, why would you allow a fool with a GCE ‘A” Level to send you to die so that he should make money for a better life for himself and his family? If he really believed in the so-called struggle, why did he not take control of all the forces on GZ when he visited it and together with you, fight to liberate the so-called ambazonia? He will not! He just came for a photo opportunity to use the photos to raise money for his personal use and that of his family. If he believed in his heart that ambazonia will be free, he would have taken command of the terrorists in GZ, just like Savimbi did for UNITA, just like Dr John Garang did for South Sudan, etc. No revolution has ever succeeded on the backs of people in the diaspora. And the crooked Ayaba Cho knows that this ambazonia madness, is just madness that will help him line his pockets.

Pizzaboy Tapang Ivo This Papa John pizzaboy said a few days ago that the so-called struggle (ambazonia terrorism), will take AT LEAST 30 YEARS (it could take a 1000 years) to deliver an independent ambazonia. Amba terrorists, are you ready to be in the bushes shitting and not wiping your “lasses” for 30 or 100 years? Did Pizzaboy and others not promise you people that independence will come within a year or two? And they declared independence in 2017, and yet, you are still fighting for independence. What a ComdeyRevolution! In early 2016, Pizzaboy said Cameroon was one and indivisible, and he was correct. Pizzaboy knows that there is no independence coming. Thus, he is using his propaganda machine on Facebook to boost his asylum claim in the USA; raise money to pay his legal (court) bills that are long overdue and mounting; and raise money to buy food, pay rents, buy clothes, and buy petrol for his car. There is no ambafool in the ambazonia nonsense who is not motivated by making money for himself/herself out of it, or using it to gain asylum in the West (Europe and America).

Pizzaboy Tapang 

Remember this ambafool worked for the Cameroon government for many years, at CRTV. He is in the USA today because of a Fulbright scholarship he was awarded whilst a journalist at CRTV. He decided to take advantage of the ambazonia crap to request asylum in the USA. Because he does not believe in an independent republic of ambazonia, he told “General” Nambere to abandon ambazonia terrorism and look for a way to enter the USA and seek asylum. You poorly educated and brainwashed terrorists are being used by these ambafools in the diaspora to boost their asylum cases and for them to make money using the photos and videos of kumkumized amba terrorists. That is why they continue to send you to die violent bloody deaths so that they use the photos of your corpses to raise funds for themselves.

Akwanga Ebenezer (“Mbunga” man) What is the difference between this FUGITIVE and Smeagol or Gollum? Akwanga, just like Ayaba Cho cannot show any proof that he has a PhD. Virtually, all ambafools are “Drs” and “Generals.” But when an ambafool like Akwanga speaks English, the level is that of an elementary schooler in the West. Akwanga is a fugitive, who escaped from the Kondengui Prison in Yaounde and ever since, he has been on the run. By and large, he will be recaptured and thrown back into prison. Thus, Akwanga knows that he will never step one toe in Cameroon. So, his involvement with the amabzonia terrorism is to enrich himself and try to use it for his prison sentence of 30 years to be commuted or forgiven by the Government of Cameroon.

Akwanga “Mbunga”

Akwanga has masterminded many kidnappings for hefty ransoms in the SWR using his terrorists (his boys as they call you SNWL terrorists), and it is believed he has made about 300 million fcfa from ransoms.  On Saturday November 24, 2018 he ordered the kidnapping of Father (Fr.) Jude-Thaddeus Langeh Basebang (Claretian Missionary) and other missionaries on their way to Munyenge. Father Basebang paid a ransom of millions fcfa before they were released. Poorly educated and brainwashed terrorists, has he sent you some of the blood money? How could a genuine believer in a “God-ordained” so-called ambazonia madness be kidnapping men of God (MOG) for hefty ransoms?” This basket of skeletons has masterminded the killing of school children directly or indirectly, yet, his own children are attending school and graduating. Poorly educated and brainwashed terrorists, why will you disrupt schools for even your own children when Akwanga’s children are going to school? What stupidity!

When a strong young lion (MKPD) stands growling over a sheep (ambazonia terrorism) it has killed, it is not frightened by the shouts and noise of a whole crowd of ambafools, amba scoundrels, and amba “Shit-No-Wipe-Lass” terrorists. MASH FIRE!

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