Cameroon Army mock and taunt AmbaBoys after killing ‘General’ Ivo

Wata na Wata. Where dem dey? Me I no di fear Army. General my ass. Those are just some of the taunts used to mock Amba boys in the video below. These are some of the phrases used by Amba boys in their juvenile videos that have circulated social media in the past year and a bit.. The Cameroon Army can be heard mocking and taunting AmbaBoys after killing the “General” Ivo.

In my opinion, the taunts are well deserved, after these Amba fools go around making such retarded comments, now what have they got to say? They know the locations of the Army posts, and the DO’s offices, and the SDO and Governor’s offices. Yet they can’t attack those places. They target innocent citizens for kidnap/ransom, and then make videos saying.. Where dem dey? GO and attack the Army posts, iDioooooooots!

For more information on the killing of General Ivo, click here.. 

PS: I did not upload to facebook or YouTube, because they don’t like such graphic images, but hey.. I built my own website, so let me see someone censor me.. Nonsense

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KumKum Massa

KumKum Massa

I, KumKum Massa is a proud Cameroonian, born and bred in NW Region of Cameroon, although I have spent the last two decades travelling the world, from Asia (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain), South America, North America (USA and Canada) as well as several countries in Africa, Europe and the Caribbean.

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