AmbaFoolsDeath and Destruction

Breaking News. “Boss Agaba” Ambazonia Terrorist of ADF Alabukam is tracked and killed by SEMIL

Cameroon Intelligence agency SEMIL successfully tracked and eliminated this Ambazonia Terrorist called “Boss Agaba”.

SEMIL is headed by the much feard Colonel Joel Emile Bamkoui.

The Terrorists belong to the ADF gangs of Alabukam in #Bamenda. They were on their way to carry out an attack in Banga, Littoral Region, when their plans were leaked out.

Boss Agaba’s Real name is NDEFRU Wilfred Nyanga, born July 3rd, 1985 in Mankon. He was a driver by profession, according to his #Cameroonian ID Card.

He was Kumkumised alongside Warren Bambot Muna, born 22 Nov 1993 (26 Years old). Muna was a Cameroon Military serviceman who went Absent without leave (AWOL), and later joined the Criminal ADF gang after his salary was stopped.

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