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Bobga Henry. The latest Ambazonia Terrorist victim. Shot dead in cold blood

His name was Bobga Henry. He went to GHS Nguti. He was gunned down yesterday 22 Aug 2019, in his own home, by Amba terrorists in SW region of #Cameroon.

His late father owns a large palm and cocoa farm which they hired a guy from Bamenda who was working on it before this Anglophone crisis kicked off in 2016.

The guy was not paying the family its own fair share so they saked him. When this Ambazonian madness started, it is not surprising that the wayward youths and poorly educated ones and the scammers jumped into it..

Today, this guy is Amba, operating in and around Nguti.. On 22 Aug 2019, he brought in 3 of his terrorist colleagues and they met Bobga Henry in his house and shot him dead instantly.

Bobga’s remains were taken to the kumba hospital. These same terrorists had earlier kidnapped Ewubele Julius and freed him after family paid 200,000 frs. MKPD reported this story a while back..

The question on my mind is this.. So now that Bobga Henry has been killed, do they have independence? 🤔

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KumKum Massa

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