AmbaBoysDeath and Destruction

Bloody day in Bali for Amba boys.. 17 killed. “Boss Acid” among the dead. 26 May 2019

I write this post with TEARS in my eyes.. I know people think i enjoy the killing of Amba Boys.. Well, truth is, I used to like seeing it. BUT NOT ANYMORE.. Yesterday sunday 26 May 2019, i wrote on Facebook, About my Ramblings on a sunday afternoon – Please.. Read it below.. But before that, here is a report made about what happened in Bali, yesterday 26 May 2019, as up to 17 of our young men were killed by the military, for terrorising their own communities..

Commander ACID - He is DEAD! Killed like a fowl

He was known as “Commander ACID” – He is DEAD! Killed like a fowl, fooled to his early death by Ambazonians in the Diaspora.

Mission xx Bali xx par les éléments des bir xx bilan xx côté amis xx ras xx côté ennemis xx 17 neutralisé xx ton général sisa de Bali tomber xx matériels récupérer xx 03 xx Ak 47 xx 02 PA artisanale xx 30 armes de fabrication artisanale xx 02 semi automatique xx 128 munitions de 5,56xx 12 munitions cal 12 xx 04 arne xx 01 jule xx 03 canon xx 01 avec charge xx 01 casque lourd xx 01 képi xx 01 otage libéré xx 01 paquette de chavre indien xx camp détruit xx et fin

We have got reporting of 17 Amba boys killed in Bali - Some say the number is as high as 33

We have got reporting of 17 Amba boys killed in Bali – Some say the number is as high as 33


Ramblings on a sunday afternoon, 26 may 2019 .. Follow the link here to see comments etc.. >> 

My ramblings on a Sunday afternoon.. So.. #MKPD. I've been thinking.. You know.. With my brain 🧠 big brain 🤔..

Cameroon has a massive problem of leadership. That must be addressed! Leadership in every sense.. We need new leaders, who are forward thinking, patriotic and hard working. Leaders who CARE about the people, who come and talk to the average people, to understand our needs & problems, so that they can better SERVE us in solving our problems.

The leadership problem is worse than corruption, because when we address the leadership, Corruption will be addressed. There is too much incompetence in Cameroon, where people are given big posts, but they have no idea what they're supposed to be doing, so they only focus on STEALING state money and sending their children abroad.

I used to hate Amba boys, I wanted them to be all killed, but that was emotional, not rational. Partly because I am a victim of Amba terror. I am lucky to be alive today. But I'm here, so I'll speak my damn mind.

So.. Moving forward, I want to save every Amba boy's life.. I talk to them, I want them to lay down their arms and let's fight the corrupt system with sense. Let's educate ourselves and take over the future of Cameroon.

Cameroon does not belong to one person. Cameroon does not belong to President Biya. Cameroon 🇨🇲 does NOT belong to CPDM. #Cameroon is MY COUNTRY. Cameroon belongs to ME! And YOU! I Love Cameroon, but I HATE the lazy leadership.

Anyways, I am forced to work WITH this same regime, to help bring my brothers, Amba boys out of the forests. I need president Biya, and all his ministers to PLEASE, PLEASE.. Do your jobs, do the right thing. Our people are dying.. Despite everything, the fact remains that President Biya remains the president of ALL Cameroon, and remains the legitimate and legally recognised worldwide.

Dialogue is needed. It MUST happen. Real reforms MUST be implemented, or me too I'll carry my own dane gun, because this here is a turning point for Cameroon. I never once thought I would see a beheading in my beautiful Cameroon 😔

Anyways.. I think Referendum is bad. Division too is bad. Federation will be perfect. These are my opinions. Let me explain..

I think Cameroon should remain one.. We (Anglophones) have proven that we haven't got the leadership or ability or capability or capacity to be independent. Ambazonia has proven that they are 100% worse than president Biya's regime. Even Nambere said it out loud. Ambazonia is more barbaric, more stupid, more corrupt, more confused, infact, Ambazonians are wanderfoolish International idiots 🤔

Politics is a game of choosing the lesser of two evils. President Biya is a Saint, when compared to Ambazonia. Any day, any time, I will choose President Biya, before I choose FAKE pastors that have caused the deaths of thousands of ma kontri pipo, and decimated the economy of over 6 million people.

Now.. Where was I? 😂 Oh yes.. My opinions ofcourse. I vote federalism. Biya is not the best, but he's 100% better than the alternative. Ambazonians are idiots.

The end. Wuna happy Sunday 👍🏽

#Cameroon #Cameroun 🇨🇲 #WinningFatly

The real End!

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