BlackLegging in 2020 – The Best year so far.

BlackLegging in 2020 – The Best year so far.

Looking back – The year 2020 and BlackLegism
The year 2020 has been the BEST #BlackLeg year of all time, so far, and we know that 2021 is going to be even better.

New Years Eve

The Year 2020 Started with the BIGGEST BAD NEWS to AmbaFools, and a celebration to Blacklegs. Nambere, Success Nkongho and dozens of ex-amba fighters including some refugees landed at Nsimalen airport #Yaounde on 31 Dec 2019. This was the one single biggest shock to AmbaFools, a shock that they have still not recovered from.

This single move caused waves all over, and accelerated our DDR process. Hundreds of Ambaboys dropped the guns, most of them ran into Nigeria, and some went straight to the DDR centers. The Greatest Start of Year to Blacklegs Ever! But this was just the beginning, as January 2020 was filled with BlackLeg victories.

January 2020

01 Jan 2020 – New Year Celebrations,_ means people are happy, while amba shit-no-wipe-lass are in the bushes, without even savon or food to eat. New Year celebration in itself is a #BlackLeg. Haha. 🤣

#MashFire 🔥

6 Jan 2020 – Amba boys kumkumised “general Divine”_ Snake bite snake – What a Great start to 2020, as AmbaBoys captured “general Divine”, tortured the bush fowl to death and left his corpse on the streets.. Picture evidence attacked.

7 Jan 20, Ayah Paul & his stupid Son_ issue empty threats about taking MKPD to court – We are still waiting till today. haha

19 Jan 2020 – Bui Massacre._ Sako Ikome’s terror gang called Bui Warriors, under the command of Chacha, captured 39 ADF terrorists including #SNWL “general” Big Number Efang.. ALL of them were executed, Efang escaped with bullet wounds.

26 Jan 2020 – Chacah is Kumkumised._ After the Bui Massacre, even ADF ambaboys became serious Blacklegs, and worked with MKPD and Agent Chukuchuku to kumkumise “general” Chacha who masterminded the Bui Massacre

February 2020

9 Feb 2020 – Twin Elections – Despite amba noisemak-ers (Such as Chacha) promising to stop the Municipal and Parliamentary elections, the elections was a success, Our BIG blackleg in Nkambe, Hon Ngala Gerald wins, and CPDM (the declared enemy of Amba, wins even in Batibo, Momo, NW Region. YES.. CPDM won in Momo, the HEART of Amba.

11 Feb 2020 – Youth day Celebrations – Amba could not stop it.. Nkambe made us proud again.

14 Feb 2020 – On Valentines day, Kingsly Ata-bongafac, second in command of Red Dragons drops his guns and joins DDR center Buea – The beginning of the end of the Red dragons.

It was in February 2020 that we also created the famous DDR Cameroon Facebook Page, and introduced Okha Naseri Clovis (ONC) to the world of #Blacklegs. By the end of Feb 2020, Yannick Sicot a former staunch amba Propa-gandist and activist on Facebook, abandoned amba and started Blacklegging.. Ohhhh Yeah!

March 2020

By March 2020, Amba was dying under the pressure from Blacklegs. They had no good news, ONLY bad news EVE-RY DAY. Their confusion prompted them to manufacture their own good news themselves. Frustration led #am-baFools to start spreading fake news that MKPD was ar-rested and locked up in London. Haha

In March 2020, we also saw the Coronavirus Blacklegging pandemic – Global Lockdown – Amba couldn’t gather pub-licly or demonstrate or organise or raise funds.

In march 2020, Beltus Ateasong also joined MKPD, and KBi entered #Lebialem with Serious #OperationSunshine and Kumkum distribution.

April 2020

Throughout April 2020, we were mashing fire with Sunshine still in Lebialem – We exposed the Burning of Bangang Video and other sunshines.. Meanwhile we also accelerated the sensitisation, deradicalization & Disarmament.

Kumkumisation of Amba boys continued, including a dozen #SNWL given free Kumkum while they were en-joying themselves at the Saddle Hill ranch in Bafut/Bamenda.. haha – 5 of them received HOT dry Kumkum without soup on the spot.

The burning of Bangang video was viewed over 100,000 times on Facebook, generated thousands of BlackLegs and facilitated the eventual COMPLETE de-struction of Ayeke’s gang in #Lebialem.

May 2020

In May 2020, we unleashed the dragon. Kingsly Ata-bongafac joined MKPD, we accellerated sensitisation and sunshine in Lebialem. The DDR Process was FULL steam  ahead.

We also had the 20th May National day celebrations as usu-al. amba tried and failed to stop the national day celebrations.

In May 2020, One of our BlackLeg brothers, Mayor Ashu Ojong was murdered by amba terrorists in Mamfe – his mur-der backfied on the shit-no-wipe-lass, as it created thousands of #blackLegs.

June 2020

In June 2020, Nick Santos and Nso Foncha, two former staunch #AmbaFools formally accepted defeat and de-camped. They are now #BlackLeging, calling for One & In-divisible Cameroon. However, they will NEVER be forgiven or accepted back into the fold until they apologise for radi-calising Cameroonian youths to carry guns, and for spon-soring terrorism in Cameroon. If they do not apologise, well, we BlackLegs are wating to repay them in their own coins IF they ever step toe in beautiful #BlackLeg Kingdom.. No bi so?

Meanwhile the ministry of Kumkum distribution was busy serving HOT kumkum without soup to the Amba SNWL who refuse to go to the DDR centers. Even lazy incompetent so-called journalists finally started reporting how much we were #WinningFatly.

July 2020

Ayuke-Tabe non-existent dialogue – The very first week of July 2020 saw #AmbaFools once again, begging and hoping and wishing for “dialogue” or ANY shred of recognition from #Cameroon state authorities. Remember the Kondengui “pre-talks”? Ask the ambafools whatever happened to the pre-talks? huh? Bunch of idiots.

Swiss Dialogue burried. In July, the same AmbaFools them-selves came to the realisation that the so-called Swiss Dialogue was a non-event, just like we warned them since 2019. They themselves started begging for dialogue of ANYKIND, with an-yone. Just imagine. If some people are claiming to be fighting and winning a war, why are they so desperate for recognition and “dialogue”? The bumbling idiots know themselves that they are losing in every way possible, and one day soon, they will wake up and there will be no amba terrorists left in the bush – that is why they are so desperately for “dialogue” now.

Minister Paul Tassong launched the Reconstruction sensiti-sation phase in July 2020

In July 2020, we also continued distributing FREE Kumkum, and we caught those who beheaded Ayafor Florence. We also continued to #MashFire with sensitisation especially in Lebia-lem, going from Facebook sensitisation to Face to face inside Lebialem.

August 2020

Kumkum massa #MTTB In August 2020, the biggest #Back-Leg news happened when the Kumkum Massa, the iGweeee, King of all BlackLegs undertook #MTTB (My Trip to Bamenda) to visit the DDR Center, and introduce Agwe Joel to the world of Blacklegism (picture on Page 20). The iGwee did a series of live broadcasts while in #Cameroon, including in Yaounde, the Unity Palace at Etudi, at ddR Center Bamenda etc.. The iGwee also made time to meet Okha Naseri Clovis and Kawa Yannick.

Murder of Bebe in Muyuka – 11 August 2020 – Ambazonia terrorists under Sako Ikome caught this young mother known as “Bebe”, tied her hands to her back, and butchered her by cutting her throat, and then dragged her body to the middle of the road. This terror attack happend in Muyuka and drew
international condemnation, and created countless Black-Legs.

Murder of Treasure in Bamenda – On 04 Aug 2020, Amba ter-rorist and hardenned criminal Fonteh Lucas Murdered his former girlfriend, called Treasure in Bamenda and dumped her body over a bridge. This single act of terror was recorded and the video widely circulated, creating thousands of Black-Legs instantly.

September 2020

On 6 Sep 2020 the notorious bandit, amba terrorist and armed robber known as “general Mad Dog” real name Fonteh Lucas was kumkumised and his body dumped in a public square in #Bamenda.

Bamenda Clean
In Mid September, General Valere Nkah launched Operation Bamenda Clean, which has been very successful, and has paralysed amba terrorist activity in Mezam.

October 2020

Effective School Resumption – In October 2020, we saw the best School resumption figures since 2016 in the anglophone zone.

24 Oct – Kumba School Massacre – Amba terrorists opened fire on school children, killing 7 on the spot and injuring dozens. This single act of terror created millions of BlackLegs and global condemnation.

Ayekeh of Lebialem, AKA “general” Man pass gun.
kumkumised on 13 Oct 2020 without soup.

November 2020

November started with the kidnapping of Cardinal Tumi and the Fon of Nso by the amba shit-no-wipe-lass terrorists in Baba, NW region. Cardinal Tumi, 90 year old clergy was kidnapped by amba terrorists in Baba, NW Region, along with Fon of Nso and 10 others on 5 Nov 20

This was a fatal mistake that served as GREAT news for the BlackLeg community. While he was still in amba captivity, the Fon of Nso looked at the amba terrorists in the face and said.. “I stand for one Cameroon”.

Kidnapping the Fon of Nso was an attempt to stop the Fon from participating in the December regional elections. Amba FAILED. The Fon of Nso voted in the regional elections on 06 Dec 2020

The Guzang massacre Part 2 happened in November 2020, when amba #SNWL from ADF, again attacked and kumkumised three IG amba terrorists and wounded dozens more.

December 2020

December was the conclusion of the BEST BlackLeg year of all time. We achieved so much that even the AmbaFools con-firmed that BlackLegs have won. Regional Elections were successful – Special Status loading..
AmbaFools declared that “general” RK of Boyo escaped to Ghana
We kicked ambaFools out of Facebook such as Mark Bareta, while deleting Ayaba Cho & Eric Tataw’s Facebook Pages.
Amba propaganda Cartoonist, Don Dinga surrendered and quit amba terrorist propaganda
Film Masha disappeared, even AmbaFools confirmed that we
thoroughly WON in LEBIALEM. We also defeated Amba in Ndian. Christmas Celebrations caused Amba shit-no-wipe-lass heartache from frustration.


At the end of 2020, there are fewer AmbaBoys in the bush, and AmbaFools cannot manipulate a single gullible youth to pick up guns, so their numbers can only reduce, and NEVER increase. DDR has been a great success. The first batch has been reintegrated, and the DDR Centers are now full. Am-baBoys are dropping their guns everyday. Even their Amba Activists are switching to Blacklegs, like Yannick Sicot, etc.


We have decimated their fund raising, even so-called wardraft is now a laughing matter amongst the AmbaFools, just like #MTTB was. And just like MTTB, WarDraft has been more beneficial to Blacklegs than to AmbaFools. All their fund raising has flopped, from DAC, TTOF, Wardraft, ANA, Pins, everything amba did has failed on the financial front.

And when all is said and done, the AmbaFools still have no international recognition, no international partner or col-laborator, no International sympathy, let alone international intervention.

By the end of 2020,
The amba Facebook country saw their Facebook activists kicked out of Facebook.

They say they are fighting a war, but their fighters keep dropping their guns and running to the DDR centers. While their fighters are reducing, our blacklegs are increasing ex-ponentially.

We have turned their activists into our blackleg activists, (Yannick Sicot, Nick Santos, Nso Foncha, Success Nkongho.) turned their former amba boys into Blackleg deradicalization and sensitisation machines (e.g. Kawa Yannick, Okha naseri Clovis, Beltus, Joel, etc).

Kumkum has been distributed to the amba terrorists Gener-ously, from Mundemba to Kumbo to Mbengwi and kumba, we have served over 500 free tickets to Maryland in 2020. Their generals are falling like flies.. Ayeke, Divine, Mad dog Fon-teh Lucas, and the rest are hiding or running for dear life.. E.g. RK, and Oliver Lekeaka.

The ambaFools abroad are so confused that the infighting has made them to start helping us with #OperationSunshine. Haha… The shit-no-wipe-lass AmbaBoys are also confused to the extent that they are helping us by kumkumising them-selves. Hahah Like the #Bui massacre, & Guzang Massacre 2. They are fighting each other publicly, which is soo entertain-ing to see how much we have planted seeds of rivalry and hatred amongst the nkunyams.

In short.. ambaFools have no fighters, no money, no recogni-tion, no strategy, no unity or collaboration, and no time. They are confused. 2020 is the year Blacklegs won so FATLY that Eric Tataw declared that “MKPD is an Enemy that is strong, MKPD is an enemy to reckon with”. Mark Arata de-clared that Blacklegs have defeated them on Facebook.

In 2020 some people tried to discredit the DDR process, and it backfired. From former AmbaFool Nick Santos, to Mimi Mefo, to other politicians who tried to discredit the DDR process, instead saw president Biya invest more funding and man power to the DDR process. The deputy national coordi-nator (Dr Ekosso Francis) was appointed to the Disarmament commission.

That is why they are seriously begging for dialogue and ne-gotiations. But we have all the money, all the time and all the international recognition in the world. 2021 is poised to be even better than 2020.

#MKPD 💪🏾 🇨🇲
Happy New Year

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