Besong Etaorock, an Amba Spy in Douala. #OperationSunshine

His name is Besong Etaorock, former Lap technician at Holy Trinity Hospital Ekona. He is pretending to be living like a “Normal” Citizen in Douala, Meanwhile he was an Amba Demon that has killed people, and kidnapped people for Ransom. He made a lot of money from the Kidnapping for ransom, so he has opened his own chemist with some of the money gotten from kidnappings.  [Scroll down for his pictures]

While he is hiding in Douala, he is still in communication with Amba terrorists, and giving them information, helping them logistically. He is pretending to be a defected Amba who now lives peacefully in Douala. If he is a genuine “ex-Amba fighter”, then he MUST report to the DDR like everyone else.. and go through the process like every other ex-combattants. 

Besong Etaorock was the one treating wounded Ambazonia Terrorists in Ekona. If you know his Location. Alert the Genddarms, or contact MKPD, and we will send him small KUMKUM.. He must be hungry after all that time in the Bush. iDiot.

Even his wife devorcez him because of his willingness to Join Ambazonia Terrorism. 

We the Kontri Pipo who have been affected by YOUR CRIMINALITY and TERROR are coming for you anytime soon. You MUST pay back, or repent by going to the DDR. We have your File.. Your child is schooling now in Douala while you joined Banga smokers to desrupt other children’s education in the Name of Ambazonia.. Poor people’s children cant go to school, while yhis Nkunyam’s child is in School in Douala? FIS HIM OUT, report to the police for immidiate FREE Kumkum, or he should report himself to the Authorities.

#OperationSunshine. #KBi

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