Barrister Nsahlai writes.. 

[dropcap style=’box’]Y[/dropcap]our residents, USA citizens of Cameroon origin, are concerned that international terrorism is committed against their family members residing in Cameroon as well as their business interests being gravely affected. These acts of international terrorism are being committed from within the USA by USA residents such as TAPANG TANKU IVO, ERIC TATAW, CHRISTOPHER ANU FOBENEH.

Download the Document
Download the Doc

[dropcap style=’box’]W[/dropcap]e are attaching as exhibits evidence of their international terrorism, which harms your residents’ family members who continue to reside in Cameroon, as well as their business interests, and causes daily anguish and emotional distress to your residents.

Download the Document here>>2019-06-25 Report of Terrorism to Congress

Barrister Nsahlai Continues..

[dropcap style=’box’]H[/dropcap]istory has shown us that if we don’t pay heed to terrorist and violent acts of a group of persons directly affecting other regions in the world, they will become emboldened and direct their crimes and terror on USA soil. In addition, a humanitarian crisis and stateless vacuum will be fertile ground for established terror groups close by like Boko Haram and ISIS West Africa to setup operations basis, and greatly harm USA interests.

Barrister Nsahlai Emmanuel
Barrister Nsahlai Emmanuel

[dropcap style=’box’]Y[/dropcap]our residents requested that, on their behalf, I provide this report and opinion to you. They will welcome an in-person meeting to discuss the issues raised in this report with you, and we will follow up with your staff with regards to the possibility of scheduling this meeting.
We thank you in advance for your continued great service to your District, and great knowledge and expertise in taking appropriate action to protect your residents’ and voters’ interests.

Very truly yours,

By KumKum Massa

Born and bred in Momo, NW Region of #Cameroon 🇨🇲.. Travelled the world. Victim of Ambazonia terrorism. Ambazonia Terrorism MUST be destroyed by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

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