ambazoniaTerrorists murder Mr Bakia Eric and maim farmers at PAMOL, SW region 09 Jan 2021

News reaching #MKPD is that MR BAKIA ERIC, has been killed by #ambaTerrorists. Mr Bakia was the Plantation Manager of PAMOL Lipenja Barombi, who was kidnapped by AmbaTerrorists yesterday 08 Jan 2021

Mr bakia Eric murdered by AmbaTerrorists

Mr bakia Eric murdered by AmbaTerrorists

They were kidnapped along Ekondo Titi road yesterday during working hours and he was shot along Masore road leading to #Mundemba.

Mr Bakia leaves behind a wife and 4 children. Maybe his murder will grant independenG to the shit-no-wipe-lass terrorists. Wait for the return match.

The Terrorists also chopped off fingers of PAMOL workers in a disgusting savaged attack on anglophone community by a marauding band of terrorists.


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