Ayeke’s kidnapped victims reunited with family members

Ayeke’s kidnapped victims reunited with their respective family members

Today Thursday 15 Oct 2020, at BIR Camp in Mambanda, #Kumba, SW region of #Cameroon. The liberated kidnap victims of Ayeke were received by their loved ones in the presence of an elated Senior Divisional Officer for Meme division, Chamberlin Ntou’ou Ndong.

The Divisional Officer of Douala 5, Fombele Mathias,  whose father was one of those liberated Captives, told the Press that, his mother was also kidnapped in the past by the ambazonia terrorist gangs, and this time around, the father was also kidnapped, along with 19 others. Every one was understandably happy to be reunited with their family members, and praised the military for their professionalism.

The SDO gave the Victims transport fare and set them off on their way.


The baby belong’s to another Ambazonia terrorist called Forsah Michael, who was injured during the operation, and he is on the run. The lady with the baby is possibly pregnant according to unconfirmed reports from other members of the group who were liberated.

Forsah Michael - Ayeke terrorist - Lebialem

Forsah Michael – Ayeke terrorist – Lebialem

Reported by an eye witness on the ground, for #MKPD

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