Listen to these three audios below – Ambazonian Confusion – #ComedyRevolution

Kontri Pipo – This is #ComedyRevolution oh… Wuna come listen Abeg oh. loL.. Fire in the house.. These people are super confused.. And these are the same people that you think we will dialogue with? Waaaandaas!


These people are a bunch of bumbling idiots, clowns. Wanderfoolish international iDiooooot! Just listen for yourselves. LoL.. Now they are lamenting that their lives are over if they do not get the so-called independence, and that they have invested everything and ruined their lives, and quit rightly.

These fools will NEVER step foot in our beautiful Cameroon again – Nonsense. LoL.. They are now Abandoning ship, asking for “seize-fire” on Social Media. Lol.. Maybe the UN should send a peace keeping force to Facebook republic of AmbaZozo iDioooots!

They are no longer saying Wata na Wata? lol.. They no longer say they are winning Fatly. LoL. 

Eric Tataw is also known as Garri Master > He has been asking for people’s hands to be cut off, and he insists that the instructions to “garri” comes from HIM alone..

So. To ALL of you who call yourselves Ambazonians.. Do you condone this? If not, WHY are you silent about it?

For further reading on the Practice known as “Garri Process” as preached by Eric Tataw, check these links below..

Amba Boys “Garri” people at CDC (19 Feb 2019)

Eric Tataw (Garri Master) Now refusing his nick name

Amba terrorists “Garri” innocent people at CDC

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