Ambazonia Terrorists vs Muslim Community in Weh, Fungom Sub Division 08 Aug 2019.

Earlier on Facebook, Kontri Pipo reported that this figint was happening in Wum. We were mistaken. The fighting is actually happening in Weh, Fungom Sub – Division, in North West Region of Cameroon. See below with Pictures.. 

As we speak, right now, there is serious fight in Weh Fungom Sub-Division, Not Wum Two Fulani youths have been confirmed dead, and a total of 11 #Ambazonia Terrorists killed.

The military has refused to allow photo evidence of the 11 dead Ambazonia Terrorists.

But here are photos of 2 Muslims killed in the fight against terrorism, and those injured. The Two Fulani fallen heroes are Ahmadou Tibijo and Eliasu Manga.

Seven of the Amba Terrorists are again Jukum, from Nigeria 🇳🇬. The fight is ongoing… Stay tuned..

We must eradicate our communities from the stench of #Ambazonia, once and for all.


In Weh, NW Region of Cameroon, yesterday 07 Aug 2019, Ambazonia Terrorists attacked Fulanis, killed one youth, seriously injured an elder with two bullets to the chest, shot and seriously damaged the hand of an eight year old boy.

Muslims reacted by instantly kumkumising 3 #Ambazonia Terrorists. They followed through and arrested another 3, AmbaBoys, gave them small #KumKum without soup. So.. as you probably already understand, KumKum di tight for throat.

So these other 3 AmbaBoys could not swallow well, and they expired immediately.

The able Muslim youths also beat up another 4 Amba boys but they ran very fast, with wounds on their heads and other injuries. The Muslim Community is alert, and are gathering to attack other camps while the military has evacuated the injured to Bamenda.

Unfortunately, we haven’t yet got photos because of network issues, and most of the Muslim pastorials only use 2G phones, they do not have Android phones.


It Is worth noting that most of the AmbaBoys Kumkumised in Wum are actually Jukum people from Nigeria.

#MKPD – WhatsApp: +447495198739

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  1. 8th August 2019 at 4:04 pm — Reply

    Typo:: I meant to say Pastorialists, not Pastorials

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