Are Chiefs and Fons, and Ambazonia Terrorists Conspiring Together Secretly?

The recent kidnap of 60 children by the so-called “General” Ayeke and his cruel and vicious terrorists for solely hefty ransoms, has warranted the revisiting of the issue of Chiefs and Fons and/or the villagers working secretly with the “Shit-No-Wipe-Lass” (“SNWL”) Terrorists. And the recent statement (done in Buea) by the so-called Fons of Fontem was pathetic, and woefully inadequate. Fons of Fontem are hiding in Buea, the town late Mayor Patrick Ekema stood his ground, and fought courageously and ferociously with amba “SNWL” terrorists and made ghost town in Buea municipality history. If Mayor Ekema did not defend his territory, where would you, so-called Fons, have been hiding now? Mayor Ekema Patrick did for Buea what you so-called Fons decided not to do for your fondoms and chiefdoms. You cowered with your tails between your legs and vamoosed to Buea, you all are not fit for purpose! SHAMEFUL!!! I heard Fontem got its name from the Fon then telling his subjects to shoot the enemies. Today, you are Fons with no balls to confront adversity and by so doing, you have abandoned your villages and subjects to the whims and caprices of ruthless, yet, shambolic ragtag murderous death cults. Kings fought wars and defended their people, “Saul has killed his thousands, and David his ten thousands!” 1 Samuel 18:7.

Your rantings and ravings from your hideout in Buea will not help in crushing these devils or lucifers into nothingness. Recently, Ateasong Beltus went to Alou-Fontem to sensitize the population, and he did so at a great risk to his person and members of his family. Yet, you so-called Fons on the government of Cameroon’s payroll are hiding in Buea. Absolutely scandalous!!!

Ayeke and his band of worthless, callous murderers are to be torn limb from limb. The time of using the threat of vengeance from ancestors and gods of Lebialem has elapsed. The current phase of the fight back against amba terrorism is “kumkumization” or killing of those who have refused to drop their guns, leave the bushes, and go to a DDR Centre. If you purport to be shamans (persons regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits), where was the wrath of the gods of Lebialem when you people were banished from your ancestral land by “SNWL” terrorists like Ayeke, Oliver Lekeaka (“firm marsha”), and others? If really, you could summon the wrath of the gods of Lebialem on these terrorists, then what are you waiting for? For all people in Lebialem to be kidnapped or killed? We, the Cameroonian Patriots challenge you so-called Fons to call the wrath of your gods on Chris Anus, Oliver Lekeaka, Ayeke, Tapang Ivo, and others now. And you should do it this way: tell them to stop the terrorism and that if they do not heed your call, that they will be “kumkumized” by your gods on such and such a day. Deal? The Elders of Mamfe called the wrath of their gods on those perpetrating terrorism in Mamfe a couple of months ago, yet, Eric Tataw continues to mastermind and direct the killing of innocent people in Manyu and other parts of the SWR, and nothing has happened to him. Your gods are useless and using wrath from gods to frighten off terrorists like Ayeke is nonsense. The noble thing for you so-called Fons of Fontem to do is to go back to your villages and face Ayeke, Oliver Lekeaka, and others. Establish vigilante groups and protect your villages. Are you not ashamed when you see Ateasong Beltus, doing what you people are supposed to be doing, sensitizing the populations in Lebialem? Shame on you all!

Why would amba “SNWL” terrorists be able to subjugate the people living in villages, rural areas, and small towns of the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon? On the balance of probabilities, most of the Chiefs and Fons connived and continue to connive with amba “SNWL” terrorists. Some of those that are not conniving with the amba “SNWL” terrorists, abandoned their villages and subjects at the drop of a hat because of them. I thought Chiefs and Fons were lion-hearted, but it seems many are cowards and traitors! And Chiefs and Fons in Cameroon are paid a monthly salary by the Government of Cameroon. Thus, conniving with amba “SNWL” terrorists or playing wilful ignorance and still collecting the salary is disingenuous and outright thievery. Chiefs and Fons are the extension of the Cameroonian central administration, Governors, Senior Divisional Officers (SDOs), Divisional Officers (DOs), then Chiefs and Fons. How many Governors, SDOs, DOs have abandoned their Provinces, Divisions, and Sub Divisions?

Fons and Chiefs who have callously and treacherously abandoned their villages and subjects should abdicate, denounce their thrones with alacrity. Chiefs and Fons who are conniving with amba “SNWL” terrorists must be unmasked and dealt with accordingly, for they are, in legal parlance, co-conspirators of amba terrorism that has been unleashed on the populace in the most brutish and savage ways. Should they be prosecuted for treason? Chiefs and Fons should be required by the government to provide intelligence to the BIRs.

Mr Biya is doing all to bring the amba madness to an end, and he should be adequately supported by the populace, and Chiefs and Fons who are the very ones he is fighting for. There are limitations to what he and the Cameroonian Defence and Security Forces can do without help from the populace and, especially, from Chiefs and Fons.

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