Ambazonia Terrorist Camp in Mile 6 Nkwen destroyed, several Amba dead, including one Amba Woman. Pics below

She is known as Manyi Ille or so.. The woman Amba Terrorist woman killed in Mile 6 Nkwen. Her picture is below..

Face of an Amba Terrorist

Face of an Amba Terrorist

The Ambazonia Safehouse at Mile 6 Bamenda, near Pa Young football academy was taken down by the Cameroon Military, Tuesday morning, 06 August 2019.

A secret military operation had been monitoring the terrorists for weeks. The military sneaked into that quarter in the night and blocked all entrances apart from the main entrance usually used by the #Ambazonia Terrorists.

On the same night of the military operation, these iDiots had gone out committing crimes.

Upon their return to the Amba safehouse, the military were waiting to serve them hot #KumKum. They were seen entering their various houses and that is when the trap was sprung, and they were trapped like NKunyam, without any Bush to run into.

_A gun fight ensued, and the fools all caught a bullet train to Buea, via Maryland._

The woman in question had the son as one of the commanders and inside the womans room were guns. So beside her being a full time cook to these terrorists, she was also running errands for them, and keeping ammunition and guns for the Ambazonia Terrorists.

The head of the camp was known as *commandant Fire*. 😂 May he go STRAIGHT to hell and increase the fire 🔥 in hell.. iDiots.

It is worth noting that there are others camps in that locality, and the military are planning many more of such attacks.

The military benefited from great Intel from the local community. Several individuals around that community called anonymously, and reported this house as a base camp. The military exploited this Intel with further investigations and triangulated the Amba boys location to that exact building.

The collaboration of the local community by providing vital Intel, led to this very successful strategic, surgical military operation.

Thank you MKPD. The people are revolting.. Amba is finished. This should serve as a lesson to anyone supporting Amba.. We will identify you, and we will get you to pay dearly, for supporting terrorism in Cameroon 🇨🇲.

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