Ambazonia is fast disappearing plus the Prime Minister’s Visit to the SW region is already a GREAT success


Recently they called for ghost towns in BAMENDA to frustrate the Prime minister’s visit but the BAMENDA population rubbished them and happily received the PM.

Cameroon Prime Minister

The Pinyin population arrested all the AMBA boys terrorising their village yesterday and handed to the military. Sisiku Ayuk Tabe’s town of birth has rejected AMBA plus their ghost towns and is socializing with the military Ekona population in the SW has rubbished AMBA boys and are heavily collaborating with the military.

The Ambassonians called for ghost towns in Fako today but thousands of SW people are happily receiving the PM now at Mungo bridge. The AMBAs waited for the United Nations Security council to divide Cameroon yesterday but the participants said our country shall never be divided. The British government hailed the decentralization steps taken by our government. China said Cameroon is able to solve her problems and may only need humanitarian assistance. That countries should not interfere in the international affairs of Cameroon. Russia says the sovereignty of Cameroon must be respected.

Hundreds of amba boys are now escaping to Nigeria while some are dressing well, disguising and going to the Francophone regions of Cameroon.

The PM said in BAMENDA that dialogue will not include the option of secession and BAMENDA people happily welcomed his suggestion.
Ambassonia took advantage of the teachers and lawyers, strike and have been forcing their evil ideology on anglophones with the use of arms.



Without the strike these evil men could never have had up to 2% anglophones supporting them. Those anglophones still supporting them are those who want to sacrifice the blood of their brothers for money. God is not asleep, they shall never enjoy such ill gotten money. The military in collaboration with the population will soon pick out the remnants of the AMBA bandits.

All anglophones should be going back to they villages now. The AMBA bandits are fast disappearing. The anglophones ran from their villages because of AMBA terrorism, not for fear of the military.

Wise people should advise those still holding guns to drop them and safe their lives.

Thousands of people came to see the prime Minister

Thousands of people came to see the prime Minister

Ambazonian Terrorists tried their best to intimidate the local population with a stupid “Ghost Town” – But no one listened to the Amba terrorists, as thousands of people lined the streets of BUEA , chanting and dancing and Jubilating at the sight of their Prime Minister, a son of the soil. 

School children boycotted school, just to get a glimps of their Prime Minister. This trip has already been a great success. 

Kontri Pipo
#Cameroon Prime Minister HRH Dr Dion Ngute Arrives BUEA, Meets people on the streets Part 5 of 5
The prime minuster was given a reception worthy of a king. The crowds chanting and waving the Cameroonian Flags, etc.. The scene was quite something awesome.

The Ambazonian terrorists had tried to temp this down by declaring a “ghost Town”.. However, No one respected it, and THOUSANDS of people filled the sreets to get a glimps, or maybe even a handshake from the Prime Minister of the republic. 
We all want peace, and we are advocating for everyone to engage in the national dialogue – LET YOUR VOICES be heard.
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