MKPD> The corryption Scandal of the Ambazonia Internet Government is on center stage.

Click here to download the full audit. PIC AUDIT 2017-2018

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After seeing the Financial Audit from the IG, someone wrote this below.. 

Ambazonians, take a look at how the IG spent the money that they collected. 😭😭😭

This so called deception of audit is very incomplete. Ambazonians needs a full account.

Tabeyang has not submitted to the audit.

The audit does not tell how much was the total income.

The audit does not take into consideration the private donations given directly to Mr. Sakos private visits, to Irene Ngwa (Treasurer), to Chris Anu, and to Tabeyang.

If anyone is spending about $123, 720.71 for a period of 11 months. Therefore, they should have at minimum a $200,000 paycheck income a year or a very lucrative business. 

What Sako spent Annually from Feb 2018 to Jan 2019: $123,720.71 = (FCFA 71,347,259.04) Sako Spent: 71 Million FCFA in 11 months ??? How many hours did Mr Sako work in 2018??

Very experienced or skilled professionals would earn you a wage of $59.48 = $60 and hour in America. This amount falls above the median income bracket of 2018.

This fraud ends now, Not on our people's blood.
Mark Bareta Wrote this on 11 Feb 2019
Mark Bareta Wrote this on 11 Feb 2019 – I can’t wait to see what He will write now.

Remember my prediction that the end of Amba Madness will be 28 Feb 2019?? We are seeing it happening right before our very own eyes!

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Village Clown Franklin Verla is not having it. 





Reaction on Facebook
Reaction on Facebook – LOOOOL>. They are crying now.. We WARNED you Fools.

By KumKum Massa

Born and bred in Momo, NW Region of #Cameroon 🇨🇲.. Travelled the world. Victim of Ambazonia terrorism. Ambazonia Terrorism MUST be destroyed by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

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