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Ambazonia Corruption – Nso Foncha & Yingfu Sangong implicated in MTTB Scandal

This shocking public indictment came on Eric Tataw’s, Facebook live broadcast, on 18 December 2018. The leader of The Sword of Ambazonia, who is commonly known as “Bell”, confirmed that Yingfu Sangong received over $17,000 (9 Million Frs CFA) from the Ambazonia Interim Government (IG). However, the boys on the ground only saw 25,000 Frs of that money.

My trip to Buea (MTTB) was a fund raising initiative that was estimated to have raised over $1 million USD (520 Million Frs CFA). However, the funds were squandered and some embezzled, with no accountability.

This is one of the reasons why Nso Foncha and Yingfu Sangong were kicked out of the IG, as their embezzlement was GLARING and obvious. However, the so called leaders of Ambazonia, who they themselves are implicated in many corruption charges and misappropriation of funds, tried to sweep the allegations under the carpet, until October 2018 when the public spat went public on Facebook.

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For more information on this MTTB scandal, just type MTTB in the Search box on this website.. Thank you.

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